Thursday, October 23, 2008

Games, anyone?

Molly has come down with a bit of a cold today, and since it was pretty chilly out this morning, I didn't really want to take her outside. It's been the first morning in a long time she hasn't gone out. Usually we're either going to aerobics (a lady in one of the wards out here does it for free at the church, and the kids play in one corner of the gym), the library for story time, on walks with neighbors, or to play dates. I didn't realize how I'd gotten used to it until I had to figure out something for us to do here at home. Out of desperation, I decided to get some board games out. I didn't really expect Molly to be able to "play" them, but I was hoping she would "play with" them. It worked great. She was pretty excited about all the different games. I knew when we were done playing with one, because she would start cleaning it up on her own, then take it to where the games are and point to the next one she wanted. It was pretty adorable.

Connect Four
And lastly...Rummikub

Molly has been quite a helper today, as well. Anytime she sees a chore being done, she wants to help. She helped me put clothes in the washer, then moved the laundry basket to it's home, then helped "fold" the laundry. This evening when we were gathering up the trash, she helped put her basket back in her room, then she helped put the new trash bag in the can. She also went with Daddy out to the recycling to put in some cereal boxes. It's cute how proud of herself she is when she's done. This in one trait I could live with forever!

Last night David had a seminar to attend, so I was alone putting Molly to bed. I decided to finally get a picture of her saying prayers. We think it's cute how she folds her's more of a hand clasp. But she does very well during prayers. She'll usually sit still through the whole thing, and even say "Amen" at the end. We sure love our little sweetheart!

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