Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Let me just begin by saying, I'm so happy Halloween is over!! It's been great fun, but I think we're all exhausted, Molly included. Thinking back, it's been quite the week. Molly was Tinkerbell, and she got many chances to wear her costume. Last Saturday we went to Borders for a little Halloween story time and coloring session. Here at Purdue, the dorms put on some trick-or-treating parties for the kids, so we went to one on Monday. That one had some activities as well so Molly got to color and decorate a cookie, which she then refused to eat. On Wednesday we went to story time at one of the libraries and Molly got to wear her costume again. Then on Thursday we went to another Dorm for some more trick-or-treating. And tonight we went to the Stake Trunk-or-Treat. Through it all, Molly had quite a blast and had fun with some of her friends. She was a trooper during all of the trick-or-treating until tonight, when she decided she was done. She wanted nothing more to do with collecting candy...what's the fun in gathering candy when you don't like to eat it anyway? Following is just a sampling of all the fun.

Coloring a picture at a Halloween party

Sharing some candy with Daddy

Finally sitting still for a couple pictures

Having fun at the Trunk-or-Treat party

Here is some video of Molly actually doing some trick-or-treating in the Dorms. She figured out pretty quickly the drill...get the candy, stick it in the pumpkin. Such a smart little Tinkerbell!

So we had to include some video of Molly just being Molly. Have we mentioned Molly is never still? We seriously mean never. We're waiting here for a group to form so we can do some more trick-or-treating, so Molly decided to entertain herself.

And last but not least, Molly got to walk in the costume parade at the trunk-or-treat. She was a little shy to go by herself, but with Daddy's help, she was fine.

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