Monday, October 13, 2008

Let's all take a hike...

So this weekend is Fall Break for David, so he gets Monday and Tuesday off from school. We've been wanting to go to a Botanical Garden that is nearby for a while, and decided to take advantage of the last couple days of warm weather and went today. It was more of a botanical forest than anything. We quickly abandoned the stroller for Molly after getting a glimpse of the narrow trails and stairs. We were a little worried about her, but we shouldn't have been. She was in heaven! She loved the freedom of walking on her own, and did really well at holding our hands when it was too dangerous. She especially liked going up and down the stairs. The trails took us by the Wabash River, which separates Lafayette from West Lafayette, and Molly loved pointing it out to us. It was really a beautiful walk...the trees have just started turning colors, so we got to enjoy that. We walked for probably an hour or so, and Molly did about 90% of that on her own. So we've discovered just one more thing we love about Indiana. Our list keeps growing!

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