Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Playing Dress-up

We have a set of Potato-Head parts that go on a pumpkin...you can make the pumpkin look like a potato-head witch. Since we've gotten all our Halloween stuff out, Molly has liked playing with all the little parts. We haven't done the pumpkin yet, because we don't want it to go bad too soon. Today I caught Molly with the lips part in her mouth. It looked pretty funny. There are also some hoop earrings that come with it, so I stuck those on her ears, and she was getting a pretty big kick out of it all.

On a not so funny note, it seems Molly has hit the terrible twos a little early. It's come on quite suddenly, but with a vengeance. If something doesn't go quite her way, she'll yell and start hitting her legs, or something that is nearby. It's so out of character for her, but we're trying hard to be patient and chalk it up to toddler-hood.

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Buell Fam said...

Aubrey is starting in on that too! She has become really possesive with her stuff, no other kid can touch it or she pulls it away and gets pretty upset. Hopefully we don't get a year and a half of it!