Thursday, November 6, 2008

Playing in the Leaves

Today is the last forcasted day of decent weather. We have been lucky this past week to be able to enjoy 70 degrees...crazy that it's November! If it weren't for all of the leaves on the ground, I would really think it was still September. We're trying to soak up every minute we can, because it changes drastically starting tonight. This morning Molly and I decided to play in the leaves behind our apartment building. We don't have a rake, so we couldn't make a very big pile, but Molly didn't seem to mind much. She's been obsessed with sticks...the minute we get outside she's picking up all the ones she sees, so she held on diligently to one and liked poking at all the leaves with it. It's so fun watching Molly experience things like this for the first time.

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Tracy said...

Hi! its a cute blog! And the pictures of Molly are sweet. Molly is just so cute. I love that Amy has a little friend to play with now.

We had a great time tonight. Thanks for hanging out with us!