Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This One's for Matthew

Even though we had great fun in Iowa over Thanksgiving, we were a little sad that we couldn't be with David's family in California...everyone was there but us. Molly's cousin Matthew, who's almost four, made a cute video for her saying hi...even though he wasn't too happy about it. Molly has enjoyed watching it hundreds (and I'm really not exaggerating) of times...if I turn it on for her she gets all excited, and once it's done, she signs for more. I think part of the reason she loves it so much is her Uncle Jon says her name "Molly" very clearly in the beginning, so she knows it's for her. Anyway, this is for Matthew...thanks for your video!

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joninua said...

Ironically, Matthew has wanted to watch this video over and over again. He likes watching Molly watch him. Weird, but so Matthew. Thanks for the video.