Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tis the Season

It feels like a lot has happened this last week and 1/2. Here's a sampling of what's gone on...

When we got back to Indiana after Thanksgiving, there was some snow on the ground. I decided to bundle up Molly and myself, and take a trip outside. Molly had a blast, even though there wasn't that much snow. The only problem was that whenever she would take a step, snow would stick to her boots, so with each step, there would be more and more snow...after a couple of times of kicking her feet to get the snow off, she refused to walk in the snow. So then I ended up carrying her everywhere there wasn't a sidewalk. But it was fun to enjoy the first snow of the season.Molly on the playground, saying "boo" through the poles...this is a favorite pastime of hers.

We put up our Christmas decorations last week. Molly knew exactly what to do, since she had just done the same thing over Thanksgiving at my parent's house. It was interesting trying to figure out where to put the tree...we really don't have much room around here. We ended up putting it in Molly's little play nook. She's been very good about not playing with the tree, though.

On Friday night, we babysat our neighbor's little boy, Eli. He's about 9 months old, and such a cutie. The last time we watched him he was not happy, but this time he had a blast playing with Molly and David.

And last but not least, on Saturday Purdue Village did their annual Christmas party for the families. There were some fun activities, such as coloring, painting ornaments, Christmas movies, and of course, the visit from Santa. It came as no surprise that Molly wanted nothing to do with Santa. Here is our first try at getting her to sit with him:

We smartened up fairly quickly though, so once Molly settled down a little, we tried again, this time with David. She was much happier that way.

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Tracy said...

glad pville party went well. cute pictures of molly-of course. amy is sitting with me and pointing at the pictures and saying "molly!" over and over.