Friday, August 29, 2008

A Day in the Life...

So here are some pictures that pretty much describe our day...or at last Molly's and mine. David of course is in school. Molly has much enjoyed "the great outdoors". People tend to leave many balls lying around, among other kid toys that Molly loves to find and play with. I often hear "ball, ball" over and over again as she finds the balls and gathers them up. We also have squirrels a plenty...they are everywhere. (We even have a park named Squirrel Park, so that should tell you something.) Though she tries her hardest, she has yet to catch one. But she keeps working at it. It seems that already she knows the way to one of the parks that are really close. If we just go outside with her, she'll usually start walking right there. It's amazing how comfortable she is on everything. She'll climb up all by herself and go right to the slides and slide down, then do it all over again. I'm slowly becoming terrified for winter. We'll see how we handle that in a few months, but I'm not looking forward to it.

It seems Molly is only happy when she's outside. I don't know if she's still not comfortable with our new apartment or what, but whenever we're inside, she is very clingy and whiny. Some days it seems to be everything I can do to get something done. I'm hoping she'll continue to adjust and learn to entertain herself again.

Monday, August 25, 2008

We've Arrived!

We've made it safely to Indiana and are settling into our new lives here. Our move went really well. We had no problems with the truck, we made great time, we had the help of family (thank you!), and Molly did great in the car! I was even able to ride a little in the truck with David while Grandma and Grandpa Yourstone kept Molly entertained in their car. We are grateful to have the move behind us, though. Even though we've only been married for 4 and 1/2 years, that was David's and my fifth move together. If we can stand it, I'll be more than happy to stay in one place the whole time we're here at Purdue.

So far we are really enjoying Indiana. I was expecting that at about this time, I would be really homesick...even for Provo! But the only time I have shed any tears is when my Dad left us here after helping us move in. I think at that point it just sunk in that we were really on our own. I'm even slowly learning how to navigate the streets here...which are a little tricky. Too many one ways for my liking. David has started classes today and so far so good. I think the one person having the most fun though is Molly. She absolutely is loving long as she's outside. We've discovered about 6 different playgrounds that are about 2 minutes walking distance from our apartment...all here in the Purdue Village complex. Molly has visited each one numerous times. I'm pretty impressed with how big and different they each are. When she gets bored with one, we just move on to the next. There are also a lot of big grassy areas just outside, which is something we didn't have in Provo. It's nice to just be able to let her roam.

Molly is still getting used to our little apartment, though. It's a little more difficult to navigate than our last place, so she's bumping into a lot of walls and tripping over things. The other day she got too excited and starting running, tripped and knocked her forehead into a sharp corner of the wall. She has a nasty bruise right in the middle of her head...then yesterday, she tripped over her own feet and face planted into the floor. She hit her forehead in the exact spot as her bruise. We keep trying to tell her to slow down around here. We'll eventually all get settled completely, though. But so far, it's been a great adventure.

Friday, August 15, 2008

We Made It!

At last...David has officially graduated from BYU! At times we thought it might never happen, but now that it has, it feels great. It was a great day...Engineering graduation in August is the perfect size. Convocation only lasted an hour. Molly actually allowed me to sit through the whole thing. Both David's and my parents were able to attend. We're so grateful to have supportive family willing to celebrate with us...and help us pack and clean and move at the same time. Now the real fun begins...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Girl of Many Talents...

So it's been a little chaotic around here lately, but through it all, Molly has found ways to keep herself occupied. Recently she has been very entertained with fitting herself into shoe boxes and bins, and the other day while in the kitchen I found her in the strainer.

Another one of her favorite pastimes these days is shoes. She's always getting into our shoes and putting them's pretty funny watching her trying to walk around in David's shoes. The other day I was able to catch her in mine. She truly is her mother's daughter. She's done pretty well with all the packing so far, but today when we were putting most of our shoes in a box, she decided she wasn't very happy about that. She wanted to get them all out and put them on.

This morning she was very interested in playing our little digital piano. She's getting pretty good at finding the buttons that get the nice beats going. She'll start dancing along and get excited and pound the keys. She gets pretty proud of herself. I'm hoping she stays this interested and will be willing to do piano lessons when the time comes.

And last of all, this afternoon we wanted a little break from all the packing and cleaning, so Grammy Isaacson took Molly and us to the little Farm Country area at Thanksgiving Point. Molly was very fascinated with the cows and the horses and the goats. She's learning the sounds of animals right now, so it was fun to actually be able to see some common ones in person and hear the sounds they make. She also rode a pony...and didn't freak out! I was pleasantly surprised that she did so well. Overall, it was a great day...our last fun outing before we leave Utah.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Day at the Park

Today Molly and I met up with our friends Heather and Aubrey. Heather and I used to work together and had our little girls about 2 weeks apart. We've had fun the last year getting together at Book Babies, the duck pond, a few different parks, and recently Seven Peaks water park. Today we met at a park for the girls to play for a couple of hours. It's days like this that I realize who I will be missing once we move. We'll miss you Heather and Aubrey!

Welcome to our blog!

So apparently, these days it's pretty cool to have a blog. We have been starting to feel a little "uncool" lately, so in the hopes of becoming more in touch with things, we decided to start our own. And we have no idea what we're doing. So we're still feeling a little "uncool" anyway. Hopefully we'll be able to figure this out as we go.

In reality, with so much change going on at this time, and with us leaving so many friends and family, we thought this would at least help a little in being able to keep in touch with at least a few people here and there. We're needing all the ideas that we can get, so be sure to let us know if you happen upon this, and you too have a blog...send it our way!

At the moment, we're getting our little apartment packed here in Provo so we can move to an even smaller apartment in West Lafayette, Indiana. David will be starting Grad school at Purdue, and we're so excited for this new adventure, even though it's starting to look a little daunting at this point. We're glad David has made it to Graduation here at BYU. We've really enjoyed our time here in "Happy Valley" and will always look back on this time with fondness, but I think both of us are ready to move on. Ready or not, Indiana, here we come!