Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! (a couple days late)

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We sure did! We went to Iowa to visit with my family, and we had a lot of fun. On Wednesday we went to the park (yes, the weather was actually nice enough). There was a little pond nearby that was frozen over, and we had some fun throwing rocks in the water trying to break the ice. Molly had great fun on all the playground equipment, and the feeling of being free after the long car ride the day before. Thursday, of course, was Turkey day! We had a blast cooking together, watching the parade, and EATING!! Can I just say my mom is one of the best cooks ever? One of my family's traditions is to set up the Christmas tree on the evening of Thanksgiving. Molly had fun playing with the ornaments and setting up the Christmas decorations. It's impossible these days trying to get her picture taken, but we did get a couple.

My mom has a little candy holder that we put Peanut M&M's in every year...Molly found the big bag of candy and tried a couple. Once she decided she didn't like it (we could have told her that) she figured out it was great fun feeding them to everyone else. Here she is feeding Krista...poor Krista could barely finish one before she had another one being shoved in her mouth.

On Friday my family was nice enough to watch Molly while David and I went to the Winter Quarter's temple. We've missed not having the Provo temple 2 minutes away, so it was nice to take the opportunity for a babysitter and make the trip to the temple. It's a two hour drive to Winter Quarters...and it was so quiet! At least for me, I'm not used to going anywhere without Molly in the back of the car. It felt a little weird, but it was great. Thanks family! On Saturday we hung out at home and played some games and hung out. While Molly was down for her nap and Grandpa stayed home with her, the rest of us went to a family fun center and played some indoor miniature golf. Then today, we went to Sacrament meeting with my family and then headed home. It was a great week, but way too short...aren't all holiday vacations? Now it's back to real life...sigh!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sometimes I amaze myself...

Every now and then I come up with a really ingenious idea and amaze even myself. Lately Molly has been obsessed with our computer...she constantly wants to climb in the chair and play with the mouse and keyboard. After fighting with her on this for a few weeks now, trying to keep her away from it, we've started sitting with her and letting her play with stuff...but that got pretty old pretty quick. She would end up fighting us and when we tried to play programs with her, it just wouldn't work. So I came up with an idea...we got out our old keyboard and mouse, and set that up at the computer. Then we let her sit at the chair while we sat on the couch behind her, with the real mouse and keyboard (they're cordless). It's amazing! We can play the programs for her without her fighting us, and she thinks she's doing everything. I guess that's one plus for a tiny little apartment.

One of Molly's other favorite things lately are umbrellas. It's been pretty rainy here the past week, so she's had a lot of chances to play with her umbrella...or as she calls it, her "bella".
Today was also her first day of nursery. Can we get a chorus of "yayyy"?!? She did pretty well according to our amazing nursery leaders. When she first saw all of the toys, we could tell she was just in heaven. But she became a little uncertain when she realized we were no longer there. She quickly became attached to one of the leaders, but as soon as she saw David when he came to pick her up she yelled "Daddy" and burst into tears. We'll see how next week goes.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Playing in the Leaves

Today is the last forcasted day of decent weather. We have been lucky this past week to be able to enjoy 70 degrees...crazy that it's November! If it weren't for all of the leaves on the ground, I would really think it was still September. We're trying to soak up every minute we can, because it changes drastically starting tonight. This morning Molly and I decided to play in the leaves behind our apartment building. We don't have a rake, so we couldn't make a very big pile, but Molly didn't seem to mind much. She's been obsessed with sticks...the minute we get outside she's picking up all the ones she sees, so she held on diligently to one and liked poking at all the leaves with it. It's so fun watching Molly experience things like this for the first time.