Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Showers

I think April has wanted to let us know that she will be here TOMORROW! It has been a very wet and chilly day today. But it has given us the opportunity to let Molly give her new rain boots and umbrella a try. Actually, I guess they are not that new, but Molly has never actually taken them out in the rain. It was pretty cute watching her find all the puddles and do her little jump in them. She was having such a blast...that is until a big gust of wind came, caught the umbrella, and pulled it right out of her hands, knocking her over. Talk about "icky! icky!"

Last week our neighbor had a little princess party for the little girls in the ward. I was a little surprised Molly was so willing to get decked out in her dress up clothes, but she actually got into the spirit of "princess" and seemed to have fun. I have to say all of the girls were absolutely adorable...though they are not all pictured...that is definitely impossible to do with so many excited 2 year olds.

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Tracy said...

cute, cute, cute! umbrellas are such fun accessories! Molly is an adorable princess!