Monday, March 2, 2009

Singing, shaving and group hugs

One of the cutest things Molly does these days is sing "I Am a Child of God" with us when we're putting her down to bed. Our normal routine is we'll say prayers together, then we'll read some books, then we sing some songs. "Child of God" is always the last song we sing, and Molly has recently started singing that with us. It's pretty adorable, because she can't say all the words, so it usually sounds something like this...

Laaa, oooh raaa God,
ahhhh ooohhh laaa here
laaa raaaa mmmm home
oohhh aaaahhhh dear.

But she will always get the words she actually does say right on time.

Molly also loves to shave her face with David's electric shaver. Whenever he gets it out to shave, she will always sit and watch, then immediately ask to do it herself. Don't worry, we always put the guard on when we give it to her (although, she is starting to catch on about that). She's always very good about getting all the spots...both cheeks, and under the chin.

Helping Daddy with some much needed shaving.

Recently we've started a new little tradition. Whenever Molly sees David and me give each other a hug, she'll run up to us and grab our legs like she wants in on the fun. So we've started doing "group hugs". I wish I could get a picture of it, because I bet it would be pretty cute, but of course that would make things difficult. I think I just love the fact that Molly loves to be a part it. She loves to get in there and will give some great squeezes. What a cutie!

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Tracy said...

That is pretty adorable, I hope I get to hear her sing it sometime. I remember when Adelynne was doing that. Sweet memories.

Yay for hugs!