Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Molly!

So today was Molly's birthday. I don't think Molly has ever had quite had so much fun in one day. And I certainly don't blame her.

The day started out with one of her big presents...a train table. Molly loves trains, and is getting into Thomas the Tank Engine. We were lucky enough to get her the train table through a yard sale...just on Saturday! We set it up on Sunday night, and when she came down the stairs, she was so excited to play with her trains. It's been a big hit throughout the whole day.

We had some of Molly's little friends over some some grilled hot dogs for lunch, and of course cake and ice cream. Her cake was a little butterfly...I think it turned out pretty cute. Molly actually took a little bite of the cake, to my surprise, but she quickly pushed it away. She did eat the ice cream, though.

After Molly's much needed nap, we opened the last of her presents. Grammy and Grampy Isaacson are here visiting from San Jose, and they got Molly a cute little doll house. She's had a lot of fun with that today, too. Over all, Molly got a lot of great things (hopefully they'll keep her occupied for a while) and had a lot of fun with friends.


Tracy said...

thanks for letting us be a part of her special day! we had a great time.

ooh, are you going to regret that recorder!

breckster said...

Can we come over and play with the train table?

Buell Fam said...

Happy birthday Molly! Doesn't it feel like yesterday that we were both announcing the news that we were pregant. Now they are 2 and I have a 2nd little one. CRAZY! Molly is a doll - I am glad that she had a great day!