Monday, May 4, 2009

"No Elmo!"

PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED. This post could be disturbing to young children. Well, at least to a young child who's name is Molly.

Molly is officially terrified of Elmo. I know, who ever thought one of the biggest fans EVER of Elmo could suddenly be scared to death of the friendly red monster? I never in a million years thought it could happen. Here's the story.

The other day, Molly was watching an Elmo's World video about cameras. (Note: she had seen this movie at least a couple of times). At one point, Elmo turns away from the camera and opens a door or something, where a few dozen cameras flash in his face. He then turns back to face the audience looking quite dizzy, and his pupils are very small. During this particular viewing, Molly freaked out...I mean, REALLY freaked out. I have never before seen her so scared to death. I thought she was hurt. Both David and I wondered what had happened, and Molly kept pointing to the TV just sobbing. Mistake number 1: David, out of curiosity, rewinds the DVD to see what scared Molly so bad. Hence, Molly sees the disturbing Elmo again, and freaks out even more. We quickly turn the video off and calm Molly down. For the rest of the day, pretty much any time she sees the TV, she points to it, starts to get very nervous, and says "No Elmo, No Elmo!" She doesn't even want to sleep with her Elmo doll anymore, which used to be a bed time requirement. Even now, a few days later, every now and then she will say "No Elmo," as if to remind us that she wants nothing more to do with him.

I have to admit, I'm a little sad about the whole thing. It's hard for me to see Molly so scared about something. I'm pretty sure it was the weird looking eyes that freaked her out so bad, but now she has those associated with Elmo...we have tried to get her to look at some Elmo pictures to assure her that Elmo really is ok. She'll do fine for a couple minutes, but then it's back to "No Elmo!". I just hope this doesn't last too long. Anyone have any advice on calming toddler fears?


Jon and Julie said...

How strange! I love that David rewound the DVD, further tramatizing the girl. Opps.

I don't really have advice on overcoming fears. I think that if I were you I'd let it be for a while. It's always hard as a parent to know when to push and to let it be.

Also, you might not want to give Molly her birthday card and book from us. Good thing we didn't find an Elmo coloring book!

Jessica said...

I am sorry about the Elmo thing. How sad! I wish I had some good advise. Evan loves Blue's Clues, maybe she just needs something new.