Friday, May 15, 2009

So big!

I never thought I would see the day that Molly was excited to visit the doctor's office. I don't know where she's heard the word, or even know if she really understood the concept, but for the last few days she's been begging to go to the Doctor. Lucky enough for her, she didn't have to wait too long. Her 2 year well-child check-up was today.

Molly did very well through almost the whole visit...she was very excited to get there and play in the waiting room, and even thought it was great fun getting weighed and measured. In past visits, just walking in the office would result in multiple melt-downs. It just goes to show how well Molly is doing adjusting to different places and people. I had worked with her about the doctor listening to her lungs, so she was pretty pleased in recognizing that whole process. She even got a kick (no pun intended) out of him checking her reflexes. She only lost it at the very end. Obviously it wasn't too traumatic for her, though, because as we were walking out the door, she kept saying "More doctor!" You'll only have to wait a year, Molly! (We're not planning on getting sick this year).

Anyway, here are the stats:

Weight: 27 lbs, 6 oz. (with clothes on) - 50th percentile
Height: 34 1/2 inches - 75th percentile


breckster said...

Hurray for no fear at the doctor. Our doctor gives Reuben a little book (usually some scholastic book) at check ups, and if he asks on sick visits. Its works miracles for shots and blood tests, he just looks at his new book the whole time.

Reuben and his little friends "play doctor" constantly, but most of them go with mommy's so the doctor pulls up the shirt and rubs the belly.

Buell Fam said...

Aubrey's stats were almost exactly the same! I wish you guys were still here so we could play!