Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back on the Proverbial Horse

So, yesterday afternoon, a couple of hours after I posted how much fun Molly has been having with her new tricycle, we had a little accident. Molly fell over while riding, and pretty much did a face plant right onto the pavement. Of course she was crying, so I ran inside with her to assess the damage. Her forehead has a lovely red and purple bump, and though it wasn't too bad yesterday, today her nose looks pretty swollen and a little purple. But, in true Molly fashion, once she settled down and realized she would live, she wanted to get right back on and continue riding. What a trooper.


Tracy said...

Awesome for Molly saying her own prayer!! Those moments are wonderful.

And what a bruise! Good thing she's not scared of it. I think most children do well with that sort of thing.

Danielle and Derrick said...

I did the exact same thing when I was her age! Hopefully it heals quickly :)