Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Naboo" Temple

As mentioned in the last post, last weekend we were in Nauvoo and went to the temple. Molly has always loved temples, and she immediately fell in love with the Nauvoo Temple, and affectionately calls it the "Naboo" Temple. She would get so excited when she could see the temple, and her Grandma got her a postcard with the temple on it. Every now and then she'll find it on the computer desk and exclaim excitedly, "Oh! Naboo Temple!" So for FHE last night, David did a lesson on temples, specifically the Nauvoo temple. In typical creative fashion, he came up with an idea on how to make a temple out of Dixie cups...and Molly was thrilled. She thought it was pretty cool, and has requested on making it again today.


Jessica said...

How fun! Evan would love the cup idea. We'll have to try it!

Tracy said...

Super cute! What a creative Daddy she has. I can't wait to hear Molly say her name and "Naboo Temple"

Buell Fam said...

That is so darling. We'll have to try that for FHE.