Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New bed

Molly has made the monumental transition from crib to big bed...and is proud of it! I haven't been in a huge hurry for the change, but we felt like it was time since she could climb out of her crib, though she's only done it a few times. Yesterday we went and picked out some sheets, got the bed set up, and completely took down the crib. Molly was pretty excited. She got right in bed last night, fell asleep within 15 minutes, and only woke up once because her giraffe had fallen off the bed and she needed help getting it. I didn't hear her until 8:30 this morning, just talking away about being a big girl in a big girl bed. Now I'm just waiting for the day that she decides to push the limits.

This little bed that Molly is using used to be my littlest sister, Krista's. I remember it really well from when she was using it, so it's fun to see Molly using it now.

Fast asleep with her pile of essentials...they made the transition from crib to bed with Molly.

This morning...still so proud of the new bed!

Show us how it's done!


Weigel said...

that is so great that she did well last night!!! I hope it continues. She is so so super cute.

Tracy said...

that is a really cute bed, and special that it has stayed in the family. Adelynne is going to be so jealous of the tinkerbell bedding! I hope we can hang out soon!

Buell Fam said...

I am glad she did so well on her first night! Aubrey was doing great and then had a couple weeks of not so great. But, the last few nights she has done much better. However she has decided to take her naps on the floor. We think she's trying to hide from the smoke detector. Kids sure are funny!

Jessica said...

So cute! I hope she is still doing well with her new bed. I like that Evan is in a big boy bed now, but it did take some getting used to! Hopefully you continue to be lucky and she keeps enjoying that bed!