Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Molly Quote

This is one of those things I just need to record so I don't forget it! I didn't hear this personally, but David told me about it. The other day he was driving on campus, and he and Molly saw some guys running with their shirts off. Molly exclaimed: "ooohh, running! Naked babies!" (when Molly has no clothes on, she calls herself a naked baby, so I'm pretty sure that's where it comes from.) Silly Molly!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Silly Molly

We often find ourselves telling Molly that she's silly, so lately Molly has taken that upon herself. When she's being funny on purpose, she'll often say "Silly Molly!" But she even has to say that silly...it ends up sounding like "Sillaay Mollaay." It's amazing how much of a little tease she can be sometimes.

Lately it seems like one of her favorite things to do is graze off of our food...and this is even after she's had her own. The other morning, after she had had her own breakfast of banana and cereal, Molly proceeded to insist that Daddy share his cereal with her. It was pretty cute, though, watching them eat from the same bowl.

Molly's creativity shines through pretty bright every now and then. Today she was in our backyard riding her bike, and when I went to check on her, she had found a new way to ride. She was pretty proud of herself, and that kept her entertained until it was time to eat dinner.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


The past week or so Molly has suddenly become not such a great sleeper. We really have no idea why, but it seems for naps she only falls asleep maybe 2 or 3 times a week, it will take her almost an hour to fall asleep at night, and then she's up at 7. This might sound pretty normal for a lot of you, but when we're used to her falling asleep by 8 at night, getting up at 8 or later every morning, and sleeping an hour for a nap, we start to wonder what's up. I think maybe she's still adjusting to her big bed, and maybe getting used to our new schedule. Hopefully things settle down again soon.

Anyway, tonight I checked on her a few times before she actually fell asleep, and by the time I finally caught her completely out, this is how she was:

Oh, to be young and able to fall asleep in any position! Silly girl.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Purdue Fountain

This week I started a new job at Purdue. It only temporary, probably for a couple of months, but it's full time. The Dean of Students Office is changing their files to digital, and the lady who does all of the filing work is trying to work more on that, so they need someone to help with the actual filing work. That's where I come in. It's been fun so far, not too stressful, not difficult at all, and I'm grateful for the opportunity. But our schedule around here is getting quite crazy. David drops me off at work at 8, then stays with Molly all morning. Then he comes at noon, brings wonderful lunches, and we eat together. Then I work until 5. David goes to his job at 4, so he drops Molly off at a neighbors, (thanks for your help, guys!) then I ride a bike home to pick up Molly and take her home. Then David doesn't get home until after midnight.

Today during my lunch hour, we went to a fountain on Purdue campus. We put Molly in her bathing suit, and David even wore his just in case. She seemed to do better when other kids were in the fountain, but I think she still had a lot of fun. It's amazing how much I look forward to these lunch breaks...I'm not used to spending this much time away from home and my little girl every day. But David has done an amazing job around the house...he pretty much has two full time jobs going now. I'm grateful for my job, but just as grateful it won't be forever.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Imagination Station

Yesterday we went to a fun little place called Imagination Station. It's kind-of like a children's museum, just VERY small...like, 2 rooms. They haven't been open for a while, but they opened up yesterday as a free day, to kind-of gauge community interest to see if it's worth opening up again. It was fun to go someplace new, and Molly had a great time. That always makes it worth it.

In the upstairs room they had some fun little toys, a toddler area, a Lego building station, and a little craft table. Of course Molly loved the little tool table. She knew just what to do.

First she found a little magnifying glass...
Then she started hammering away.

They had a spot where you could build an arch...David saw some people who were trying, but couldn't quite get it to stay. He of course had to take a crack at it himself.

Yay, they did it...I of course helped a little bit.

Downstairs they had some cool airplane cockpits and flight simulators that you could sit in. Molly thought they were pretty neat.

They also had a cute fire truck.

And of course she had a blast at the random steering wheel. I couldn't really tell what kind of truck that was from, but Molly loved it.
It was such a random outing, David had only heard an announcement about it on the radio the night before. We're glad we went though...sometimes those random spur of the moment little outings turn out to be the most fun. And who can beat the great price...FREE?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random Mollyness Continued

Heather, you're going to get some pretty big kicks out this. My friend Heather lives back in Provo, where we moved from a year ago. She has a little girl Aubrey, that Molly would play with a lot. (They were born less than two weeks apart.) It seems like recently, from reading her blog and from comments that Heather has made, that Aubrey and Molly do a lot of similar things. It's so funny reading stories about Aubrey and I'm like, "wait, Molly did the EXACT same thing," or "Molly says that all the time!".

Anyway, this is the story that reminded me of all that. Every night Molly and I, and David when he's not working, read from the illustrated kids scriptures. Molly really looks forward to that every night, and it seems like she's starting to comprehend the stories. The other night she saw a picture of someone being baptized. She was pretty curious about it, so it led into a discussion of baptism, and Molly asked to be baptized. I told her she could be baptized when she was eight. She responded with "Molly two. Eight baptized." Now, when she's going down to bed, or even at random times throughout the day, she'll repeat that. "Molly two. Eight, baptized!" I'm glad she's so excited about it.

Another similar to Aubrey story... Molly has been doing pretty well in her "big girl bed." She's only gotten out a few times at night, and will usually fall right asleep. But last week she woke up in the middle of the night, just terrified. David went in to help her, and it turned out she was scared of the night light that we had in there. She asked for us to turn it off. The next night, sure it was just a fluke, I decided to try and put it back in, but I put it in a different spot. Sure enough, in the middle of the night, Molly woke up screaming for us to turn off the night light. Apparently I didn't learn my lesson, for how could a two year old be scared of a night light? I thought it was to prevent from being scared, right? So, for a third time I put in the night light, but changed the location...and sure enough, Molly woke up in the middle of night, scared to death. Rest assured, I have stopped torturing our little girl, and have just removed the night light, but it still boggles my mind a little bit. I don't know where some of these things come from. (Just reminds me of Aubrey being scared of the smoke detector?!?)

Molly has learned my actual name. Though it annoys me a little bit, it is actually pretty hilarious. When she really wants to get my attention, she'll put her hand up to her mouth like she's using it as a megaphone, and yell "Kim! Kim!" (though she pronounces it as Tim") I guess I have David to thank for that one. Maybe I should teach her "David!"

Molly is usually a pretty obedient kid. There are of course the usual two year old moments where she just likes to ignore us, but they aren't very often. There is one thing in particular though that I've noticed she really likes to assert her authority over me...and that's when we're brushing teeth. Since she turned two, Molly has been using toothpaste that you need to spit out, and she got the hang of it right away, and was really good at it. Then one night, I told her to spit, and she looked me right in the eye, and swallowed. I thought maybe she was just being silly, but then she did it again... and again, and again! This went on for a couple of nights, so I finally told her that she couldn't have a drink after brushing teeth if she didn't spit. That seemed to solve it right away. Every now and then we'll have an issue, but I'll just mention the drink, and she's right back on track. Is that mean?

Along with being pretty obedient, Molly is also very tenderhearted. She loves to give big loves, and she's so good at them! She'll also come up to us and give us kisses in random places when she's off to play...I'll be sitting on the couch and she's decided to go play upstairs, so she'll come and kiss my knee, then say "Bye-Bye, Momma, love you!" It just melts my heart. I'm so grateful for my little girl.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Random Mollyness part 1

I've been keeping a little list lately of funny things Molly says and does, and I decided it was time I record some before it gets overwhelming. I'm going to try and do this every now and then so I can keep caught up...something I'm not very good at!

For the last month or so, Molly has really gotten into what she calls "Molly music". It's basically just kids music. David and I are not allowed to listen to our own music in the car...it must be Molly music. It's been fun seeing Molly learn so many songs...she really gets into it. We listen to a lot of Primary songs, and Grammy gave us a couple Little People CD's that Molly has loved. Each of us also has our own song...there's a Momma song, a Daddy song, and a Molly song. Mine is "Mother Dear, I Love You So", Daddy's is "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home", and Molly's is "You Are My Sunshine." I'm not sure when these became assigned, but at night time when Molly asks for songs to sing, she'll often ask for the Momma, Daddy or Molly song...or, all three.

Molly loves nature. One of her favorite things lately is to go for walks to look at flowers, and she's excited when she sees a bumblebee or two among the flowers. I try to keep my fear of spiders and random bugs hidden from her, especially in the house...it's nice to see her fascination with them, and I don't want her to change. We'll see how long that lasts, though.

One of the cutest things she says is when someone is in her way...she'll say "Beep, Beep, Way!" I'm assuming this is another version of "excuse me, please." We think she got this from David...he's found himself saying "beep, beep" to Molly if she's in his way.

Molly reading her little scriptures

This summer Molly completed two reading programs for the local libraries. For each she had a goal of reading 100 books. It really wasn't even a challenge...we had it done in no time! She received some free kids meals and ice cream, a book, lots of stickers, and we're in a drawing that we have yet to hear about...could be a big prize! I don't know if Molly completely understood what it was all about. She just had fun reading. She also got her very own library card...and that was pretty cool for about 5 minutes. Now I hang on to it. I'm so glad Molly loves the library and reading...it's a joy for me to see her in her room just looking through piles of books. I hope that joy lasts for years to come.