Saturday, August 8, 2009

Imagination Station

Yesterday we went to a fun little place called Imagination Station. It's kind-of like a children's museum, just VERY, 2 rooms. They haven't been open for a while, but they opened up yesterday as a free day, to kind-of gauge community interest to see if it's worth opening up again. It was fun to go someplace new, and Molly had a great time. That always makes it worth it.

In the upstairs room they had some fun little toys, a toddler area, a Lego building station, and a little craft table. Of course Molly loved the little tool table. She knew just what to do.

First she found a little magnifying glass...
Then she started hammering away.

They had a spot where you could build an arch...David saw some people who were trying, but couldn't quite get it to stay. He of course had to take a crack at it himself.

Yay, they did it...I of course helped a little bit.

Downstairs they had some cool airplane cockpits and flight simulators that you could sit in. Molly thought they were pretty neat.

They also had a cute fire truck.

And of course she had a blast at the random steering wheel. I couldn't really tell what kind of truck that was from, but Molly loved it.
It was such a random outing, David had only heard an announcement about it on the radio the night before. We're glad we went though...sometimes those random spur of the moment little outings turn out to be the most fun. And who can beat the great price...FREE?

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Weigel said...

I know-- you would think that if they wanted to reopen they would have done more publicity. Pete heard about it yesterday on his way out of town so we couldn't go. I haven't been but have been wanting to go.

Glad you all had fun!!