Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Purdue Fountain

This week I started a new job at Purdue. It only temporary, probably for a couple of months, but it's full time. The Dean of Students Office is changing their files to digital, and the lady who does all of the filing work is trying to work more on that, so they need someone to help with the actual filing work. That's where I come in. It's been fun so far, not too stressful, not difficult at all, and I'm grateful for the opportunity. But our schedule around here is getting quite crazy. David drops me off at work at 8, then stays with Molly all morning. Then he comes at noon, brings wonderful lunches, and we eat together. Then I work until 5. David goes to his job at 4, so he drops Molly off at a neighbors, (thanks for your help, guys!) then I ride a bike home to pick up Molly and take her home. Then David doesn't get home until after midnight.

Today during my lunch hour, we went to a fountain on Purdue campus. We put Molly in her bathing suit, and David even wore his just in case. She seemed to do better when other kids were in the fountain, but I think she still had a lot of fun. It's amazing how much I look forward to these lunch breaks...I'm not used to spending this much time away from home and my little girl every day. But David has done an amazing job around the house...he pretty much has two full time jobs going now. I'm grateful for my job, but just as grateful it won't be forever.

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Danielle and Derrick said...

I like that fountain and Molly's swim suit. That's a crazy schedule you guys have going on but I'm glad it can work out so one of you are always there for Molly.