Monday, August 3, 2009

Random Mollyness part 1

I've been keeping a little list lately of funny things Molly says and does, and I decided it was time I record some before it gets overwhelming. I'm going to try and do this every now and then so I can keep caught up...something I'm not very good at!

For the last month or so, Molly has really gotten into what she calls "Molly music". It's basically just kids music. David and I are not allowed to listen to our own music in the must be Molly music. It's been fun seeing Molly learn so many songs...she really gets into it. We listen to a lot of Primary songs, and Grammy gave us a couple Little People CD's that Molly has loved. Each of us also has our own song...there's a Momma song, a Daddy song, and a Molly song. Mine is "Mother Dear, I Love You So", Daddy's is "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home", and Molly's is "You Are My Sunshine." I'm not sure when these became assigned, but at night time when Molly asks for songs to sing, she'll often ask for the Momma, Daddy or Molly song...or, all three.

Molly loves nature. One of her favorite things lately is to go for walks to look at flowers, and she's excited when she sees a bumblebee or two among the flowers. I try to keep my fear of spiders and random bugs hidden from her, especially in the's nice to see her fascination with them, and I don't want her to change. We'll see how long that lasts, though.

One of the cutest things she says is when someone is in her way...she'll say "Beep, Beep, Way!" I'm assuming this is another version of "excuse me, please." We think she got this from David...he's found himself saying "beep, beep" to Molly if she's in his way.

Molly reading her little scriptures

This summer Molly completed two reading programs for the local libraries. For each she had a goal of reading 100 books. It really wasn't even a challenge...we had it done in no time! She received some free kids meals and ice cream, a book, lots of stickers, and we're in a drawing that we have yet to hear about...could be a big prize! I don't know if Molly completely understood what it was all about. She just had fun reading. She also got her very own library card...and that was pretty cool for about 5 minutes. Now I hang on to it. I'm so glad Molly loves the library and's a joy for me to see her in her room just looking through piles of books. I hope that joy lasts for years to come.


Tracy said...

What a funny girl! You are so good about taking time to read to her. I need to be better with my girls.

breckster said...

She sounds precious. :)

Buell Fam said...

It's fun to hear stories of kids Aubrey's age. The music made me laugh because Aubrey does the same thing. When we are in the car, if the radio is on she'll say, "That's daddy's songs - I want Aubrey's songs." The whole world revolves around our little 2 year olds! Or at least they wish it would!