Monday, September 14, 2009

ABCs and School

Molly loves letters. And numbers. And colors. And shapes. Basically, she just loves to learn about new things, and picks everything up so quick. She know all of her letters both upper and lower case, more than half of the sounds, and we've started working on short words like BUS and CAT and HOP. She's been working on the Alphabet song recently, and it's pretty cute when we get her to sing it to us. With all songs, she sings key words, so the alphabet song is just random letters, but at least they are in order! We'll work on filling in the gaps as we go along. (She's pretty soft, so you might have to turn it up to hear her well.)

Today was Molly's first day of "school". We've gotten a little group of kids close to Molly's age together for a "joy" school type thing. We're taking the laid back approach since they are all 2 or just turned 3 years old, but we wanted a little structure to help them learn routines. We've decided to focus on weather, a letter and color each week, a simple theme, and then have some crafts and play time. Molly was so excited to start going to school today, and thrilled that she could wear her backpack. I was sad I had to miss it (I was at work), but David was there. The pictures aren't the greatest, but they get the point across.


Tracy said...

She was excited when she arrived too! And she was adorable with her cute backpack and outfit. She may be the youngest in the bunch, but she's probably the most advanced! Way to go Molly, keep learning!

Jessica said...

Oh she was so cute today! We had lots of fun! She is so sweet and nice to the other kids and she listened so well. I am excited for Thursday.
Thanks for your sweet comment today! You are so nice. I would love to help with your pictures, you've taken some cute ones of Molly! Editing is lots of fun, as well as taking the pictures :)