Friday, October 16, 2009

Molly Naked Baby

Another naked baby story: Molly has suddenly gained an interest in Ariel, and watching The Little Mermaid. I've been pretty excited, because I've been working on our Disney movie collection the last few years, but Molly has never wanted to watch any. So when she finally asked to watch "the Ariel movie", I was pretty happy. Until now. David told me today on the way home from work that while Molly was watching that today, she proceeded to take off her shirt and say "Molly be naked baby like Ariel naked baby". Then, once we walked in the door, Molly again proceeded to take off her shirt and say "Molly be naked baby like Ariel". We're horrified. I knew that one day we might have to explain modesty and how to be modest, but I didn't think that conversation would come before Molly was even 2 and 1/2! And I'm a little sad about Ariel being a naked baby.

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Tracy said...

haha! Oh that is so funny! Maybe that is why Amy wants to be naked all day? In this situation I don't know that I would make it about modesty yet, but explain that when Ariel is a mermaid she doesn't need a shirt, but when she is a human she isn't naked, or something like that. Good luck!