Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Can you believe that since David and I have been married, we have never carved pumpkins for Halloween? I know, we are soooo out of touch. But we are finally back, and got out our carving tools for our pumpkins this year. I think Molly really gets us going sometimes.

First, we decorated them with some pretty cool stickers that Grammy Isaacson sent us. Molly had a blast making silly faces on them.

Molly called the one on the left Daddy, the one in the middle Molly, and I'm the one on the right. Thanks Molls! Then she had to get in with them...
A couple of days later we started carving. Molly poked one little finger into the guts of the pumpkin, got grossed out, then wouldn't really touch any more of it. Chalk it up to her aversion to ickiness. And here are our works of art. Pretty impressive for not having carved any for over 5 years, wouldn't you say?

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