Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random Mollyness

Time for some more random Mollyness. It seems like now that Molly can talk well, and is becoming more of her own little person, we often have some pretty hilarious moments. I wish I could have a video camera on her all day to catch all the little moments that are impossible to remember later.

Molly love her colors. It seems she always has, but the past few months have been all about the difference between light and dark colors. I'm not sure where she picked up on the concept, but she loves to identify whether a color is light or dark...and she is much more partial to the light. She is a pastel girl all the way, except when it comes to purple. Then it can be either light or dark. When you ask her what her favorite colors are, she'll tell you purple and light blue and light green. Funny kid.

Molly already has some pretty solid goals for herself. It started with getting baptized at 8 and wearing a white dress, then going on a mission at 21 and wearing a name tag that says Molly. But now, if she asks to be able to do something, and we tell her she'll have to wait until she's a little older, she will assign an age for that task. For example, she wanted to climb a tree one day, but I told her she wasn't quite big enough, so she decided when she turned 5, she would be able to climb a tree. That has proceeded into at 4, she'll be able to go to the Salt Lake Temple, at 9 she gets to sit in Momma's seat (the passenger seat) in the car, and at 16 she'll be able to drive Momma to work. (We helped a little with that age.) We're trying to get her to say she can't get married until she's 30, but she just laughs.

Apparently we go to Wal-Mart too often. Lately, if Molly decides that she wants something, whether it be a toy or a snack that we don't have, she quickly pipes up that we should go to Wal-Mart and buy it.

A lot of people tell us that Molly looks like a Precious Moments doll, with her soft blonde hair and round face. It's funny that I collect Precious Moments. I have a bunch on a shelf in our living room. Molly has figured out the resemblance too, and frequently asks to look at the Molly dolls. What do you think?She is pretty sweet like a Precious Moments doll, too, at least when she wants to be. She's always coming up to David and me saying, "I love you!" It sounds more like "I luff you!" but it's still cute, and completely melts my heart.

Molly asks for two things ALL the time right now. The first is for it to be Christmas so that she can get markers, and the second is for it to get hot out so she can go swimming in her little pool. She even mentioned both in her prayer the other night...oh, the faith of a 2 year old! Two bad she'll have to wait quite a while for both.

We've mentioned before Molly's aversion to being dirty. I'm surprised she likes markers so much, because she tends to get them on her hands, and she can't stand it when she sees anything on her hands. The other day she got some black on her hand that would not come off. She almost had a mini panic attack, she was so upset about it. David came up with the perfect solution for her...just wear a glove on that hand! Molly was so thrilled that she couldn't see the black anymore, she refused to take the glove off, and even wore it to bed that night. Whatever works, I guess.


Tracy said...

too funny about the glove. You should make her wear them when she uses the said markers she is getting for Christmas. ;-) You sure have a sweet, adorable little girl.

Jessica said...

She does look like a precious moments doll! Too cute!

Buell Fam said...

Two year olds are just so darn cute! It's funny about the light and dark thing - because Aubrey started doing that too. I don't even remember teaching it to her.

I do think she looks like a Precious moments doll. That's fun that she calls them Molly dolls.

sharon said...

She is such a little doll :)