Sunday, December 6, 2009

You Goofy

Before David and I were married, but close to being engaged, he and his family went to Disneyland. While there, he bought me a Minnie Mouse bride headband, knowing he would soon be proposing, and thinking it was pretty cute. Molly has recently discovered it in her dress-up stuff, and has started wearing it all over the house.

Molly calls them her Mickey Mouse ears. We've tried correcting her and telling her they are Minnie Mouse's ears, but she doesn't believe us. The other day, she even went as far as telling us that SHE was Mickey Mouse, because she was wearing his ears. I then became Minnie Mouse, and David is now Goofy. Every now and then, out of the blue, she call us by our new names, trying to be funny. "Momma, you Minnie Mouse. Daddy, you Goofy!" I once made the mistake of calling her "Mickey", and she was quick to correct me saying: "I'm not Mickey...I'm Mickey MOUSE!"

This morning she was looking for a toy, and I told her it was upstairs in her playroom. I suggested she go and get it. She quickly refuted that and suggested I go get it instead. I told her "I think Mickey Mouse should go get it." She thought for a minute, then said, "Momma, YOU'RE Mickey Mouse!" One smart cookie, she is.

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Tracy said...

Hahaha! She knows how to be manipulative! Oh, Molly! I hope we can get together to play soon.