Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Showers

I think April has wanted to let us know that she will be here TOMORROW! It has been a very wet and chilly day today. But it has given us the opportunity to let Molly give her new rain boots and umbrella a try. Actually, I guess they are not that new, but Molly has never actually taken them out in the rain. It was pretty cute watching her find all the puddles and do her little jump in them. She was having such a blast...that is until a big gust of wind came, caught the umbrella, and pulled it right out of her hands, knocking her over. Talk about "icky! icky!"

Last week our neighbor had a little princess party for the little girls in the ward. I was a little surprised Molly was so willing to get decked out in her dress up clothes, but she actually got into the spirit of "princess" and seemed to have fun. I have to say all of the girls were absolutely adorable...though they are not all pictured...that is definitely impossible to do with so many excited 2 year olds.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam

So I'm big into cross stitch. It's one of the things I love to do once Molly goes down for bed and I have a few moments of quiet. The past few years I've been able to get about 5 big projects done, and it's been so much fun. The only sad thing is, I haven't actually framed any of them. They are all sitting in my craft bin, all except one. The last one I finished was a Greg Olsen picture that I'm sure is very familiar...I made it for Molly's room. I've wanted to have a really nice picture of Christ in her bedroom, and my end goal, now that I've finished this, is to make one for each of my future kids. The idea, if it actually happens, is for them to be able to have it while they are growing up, then be able to take it with them once they move out. Anyway, I found a great deal on a frame, so decided it was about time to get it up on the wall and out of the bin.

So I'm not a huge fan of the white frame on the white wall, but when you're trying to go cheap, you can't be too picky.

After I got it up on the wall, Molly was pretty excited. I asked her who it was, and she immediately said "Jesus!" Tonight we sang "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" and she kept pointing to her new picture saying "Jesus! Sunbeam!"

Since I had the camera in her room, I finally got a chance to document Molly's bedtime requirements. I think it's pretty hilarious what she insists on having when we put her down for bed. She has to have her small blanket in her arm, her big blanket over her legs, then her Elmo, doggy and giraffe in her arms. (Usually she'll tell me exactly which arm she wants them, too.) Then, she wants her Soother on. I don't know how she can stand having all of that on her, but as long as she goes to bed happy, I don't really care. What a crack-up.

Monday, March 23, 2009

We've moved!...again

So, many of you probably think we are addicted to moving...and I would be hard-pressed to disagree. We have once again moved, but at least this time we are in the same zip code. We are getting settled into our new apartment, and are enjoying the new-found space. Molly likes having room to be able to "run" around. It's actually been fun to watch because she doesn't have to make such tight corners anymore to make sure she doesn't run into a wall.

Another thing we're enjoying about the new apartment are the closets...and the doors on them! It might sound funny, but when you live in an apartment with no closet doors, you learn to appreciate the small things in life. Molly certainly has...one of her favorite things to do these days is grab a few books, and hide in the closet. She thinks she's pretty clever. The other night, after her bath, she ran into our room while wearing her towel and hid in our closet...it actually took longer than 13 seconds to find her! After David called her name, the only thing that gave her away is he heard her giggling, thinking she was pretty cool. I was able to get her to allow me access to her private reading session today:

We received an Easter package from Grammy Isaacson today, and inside among all the candy was this cute blow-up bunny, like the ones a lot of people put in their yards. As long as you have it plugged in, it pumps air to keep it inflated. Anyway, Molly was of course very excited about that. She loves her new bunny.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Singing, shaving and group hugs

One of the cutest things Molly does these days is sing "I Am a Child of God" with us when we're putting her down to bed. Our normal routine is we'll say prayers together, then we'll read some books, then we sing some songs. "Child of God" is always the last song we sing, and Molly has recently started singing that with us. It's pretty adorable, because she can't say all the words, so it usually sounds something like this...

Laaa, oooh raaa God,
ahhhh ooohhh laaa here
laaa raaaa mmmm home
oohhh aaaahhhh dear.

But she will always get the words she actually does say right on time.

Molly also loves to shave her face with David's electric shaver. Whenever he gets it out to shave, she will always sit and watch, then immediately ask to do it herself. Don't worry, we always put the guard on when we give it to her (although, she is starting to catch on about that). She's always very good about getting all the spots...both cheeks, and under the chin.

Helping Daddy with some much needed shaving.

Recently we've started a new little tradition. Whenever Molly sees David and me give each other a hug, she'll run up to us and grab our legs like she wants in on the fun. So we've started doing "group hugs". I wish I could get a picture of it, because I bet it would be pretty cute, but of course that would make things difficult. I think I just love the fact that Molly loves to be a part it. She loves to get in there and will give some great squeezes. What a cutie!