Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We're not very good yet about sending out Christmas cards or letters, but we wanted to wish all of our friends and family that might read our blog a very Merry Christmas! Hope everyone enjoys a safe and happy holiday, and feels the love of our Savior as we turn our hearts to Him.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Once There Was a Snowman...or Two

Yesterday we woke up to a little more snow, though it still wasn't much. But we were able to get outside and play with some friends, and David even successfully built his first snowman (that he can remember). Don't judge...he's from California!

The first thing Molly hit when we were outside was our neighbor's sledding tube. Molly thought it was great fun getting pulled around everywhere.
By the time we got outside, our neighbors were finishing up their own snowman, and Molly quickly joined in helping them. Her "helping" consisted of adding little snowballs around the middle, and on the top. We lovingly call it the Mickey Mouse Snowman. Molly had a lot of fun with her friend Lydia.Off to make some snow angels...Lydia helped teach Molly how to do it.
And of course, once David saw Mike and Heather's awesome snowman, he had to show us how he could make one, but first he quietly leaned in and asked me "Kim, how do you make a snowman?" I gave him the sound advice of "Gather some snow and start rolling!"
Once again, Lydia and Molly were a big help!
I can't take any credit for the snowman, except for maybe the nose, eyes and mouth, but we had to get a family picture (with a little friend in the background). Thanks to our neighbors who helped David with the other finishing touches.
More fun with the sledding tube.

We're so lucky to live next to so many members of our ward, and such great people to call friends. It makes moments like this so much fun, and worth remembering!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

First Snow and Santa

The other morning we woke up, and we had a dusting of snow on the ground. Molly has been waiting so patiently for snow, and she was absolutely thrilled. She had school that morning, so she was even able to wear her boots on the walk over. She was definitely excited. I can't wait until we actually get some real snow, more than 1/8 of an inch.

Yesterday Molly woke up with some crazy bed head. She has lately been sleeping on what she calls her "blankie pillow," which is just her blanket layed across her pillow, and I think since it's not silky, it makes her hair get a little knotted in the back. It was pretty funny, and since we were getting such a kick out of it, she was too.
For the last few weeks, we've been asking Molly if she wants to go see Santa at the mall, and she has absolutely refused. Her response has always been, "No! Santa's too big!" Well, we decided not to waste our money on a Santa picture that she didn't really even want anyway, so we waited until our ward Christmas party tonight. It worked pretty well. Once she saw her friends sitting on Santa's lap, even thought she wasn't thrilled with the idea, she did do very well. So at least we got our obligatory yearly Christmas Santa picture.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

You Goofy

Before David and I were married, but close to being engaged, he and his family went to Disneyland. While there, he bought me a Minnie Mouse bride headband, knowing he would soon be proposing, and thinking it was pretty cute. Molly has recently discovered it in her dress-up stuff, and has started wearing it all over the house.

Molly calls them her Mickey Mouse ears. We've tried correcting her and telling her they are Minnie Mouse's ears, but she doesn't believe us. The other day, she even went as far as telling us that SHE was Mickey Mouse, because she was wearing his ears. I then became Minnie Mouse, and David is now Goofy. Every now and then, out of the blue, she call us by our new names, trying to be funny. "Momma, you Minnie Mouse. Daddy, you Goofy!" I once made the mistake of calling her "Mickey", and she was quick to correct me saying: "I'm not Mickey...I'm Mickey MOUSE!"

This morning she was looking for a toy, and I told her it was upstairs in her playroom. I suggested she go and get it. She quickly refuted that and suggested I go get it instead. I told her "I think Mickey Mouse should go get it." She thought for a minute, then said, "Momma, YOU'RE Mickey Mouse!" One smart cookie, she is.