Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Making Music

I love to read, and I love music. As a mother, I hope that my children include among their interests a love for books and music. Molly has already established that she loves to read...we keep 3 of our local libraries in business with all of the books we check out and read with her. She has also been demonstrating her love for music lately. One of the things we do together is sit at the piano, and she will flip through the Children's Songbook, and we will play and sing the songs together. Yesterday I heard Molly singing I Am A Child of God while plunking the keys, and she was nice enough to do it for me again once I pulled out the video camera.

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Buell Fam said...

So Sweet! Aubrey loves doing that too, but hers is not so quiet. She plunks the keys as loud as possible and sings at the top of her lungs! Lately she has been making up songs and singing them all day long. It totally cracks me up!