Monday, January 11, 2010

Quick Christmas Update

This year was the first year since David and I were married that we had Christmas at our own house. We were a little sad about it at first, but as it got closer, it was so much fun coming up with our own traditions and having just us. It was so great. We missed family a ton, but we still had lots of fun.

We started with one of my families traditions of making sugar cookies and decorating them on Christmas Eve. I will admit this was the first time I had ever made sugar cookies (gasp!). But they turned out really well, and the best part was just decorating them. Molly had a lot of fun with that.
Here she is getting ready:And here are the beginnings of our masterpieces.
We then had a great spread for Christmas Eve dinner. We were eating the leftovers up until we left for Iowa for New Years!Molly thought Christmas was magical, in the way only a two and 1/2 year old can. She got a fun kitchen from "Santa" and for a couple weeks after Christmas, couldn't stop telling everyone about it. Grandparents, friends, teachers, even cashiers at the grocery store, she would lean in and quietly say to them "Santa brought me a kitchen for Christmas. It's pink, and it's mine."

Molly opening stocking gifts...
And playing with her new kitchen.

We were able to go to Iowa for New Years, and it was fun to have a second Christmas with my family there. It was sad to come home, but we're adjusting back to life now, just with more stuff!

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Tracy said...

Well how fun! And her kitchen looks so cute! We can't wait to come over and play!