Monday, February 22, 2010

That's My Girl

As most people who know Molly well are already aware, she hates to be icky or sticky or have anything on her hands. She used to love to use glue sticks, until she realized that they can make her hands sticky, so she won't go near them now. She goes through 3 or more napkins during a messy dinner because she refuses to re-use a napkin that looks dirty. She goes into hysterics that include major hand waving when she gets something on her hand that takes more than a little rubbing to get off. And most recently, she has refused to eat apples, one of her favorite foods, because she doesn't like the stickiness (and yes, we've tried to tell her that she can just wash her hands once she's done...does not work). She's choked numerous times on the apple skins, so we usually just peel the skin off for her, and we recently came up with this method so that she can now enjoy eating apples again:(Please excuse the crazy hair and pajamas, Molly was up sick the night before this picture, so that day was a pajama day!)

Molly Quote:
Molly: "Momma, what are those dots?" (as she points in mid-air)
Me: "That's called dust."
Molly: "Uh-oh, I better get my dust-pan!"


Tracy said...

Oh dear, what have you created? She's going to need some good mud therapy! :)

Buell Fam said...

Great Apple holding invention. I'm glad to hear other 2 year olds have major quirks! Jeff was beginning to think Aubrey was OCD!