Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Party

Today Molly and her school friends had a Valentine's party at our place. It was a lot of fun to get together, exchange some valentines, play some games, and eat some sugar! Molly's Grammy sent a package with some heart shaped cupcake tins and the mix, so I whipped those up last night to share with everyone today. They were so cute!We also made the valentines that we handed out. I think they turned out pretty adorable, if my non-crafty self says so. Molly had fun at least while we were making them.I took a couple of pictures of the party, but they turned out terrible. But I did catch a couple of Molly after the parting devouring her heart shaped cupcake!
PS: For some really amazing pictures (Jessica is much better at taking photos than I am) visit her blog HERE. (I hope you don't mind, Jessica)


Jessica said...

Your pictures are cute :) And We loved your valentines! The party was fun, thanks so much for planning it!

Tracy said...

It was a blast, and my girls loved their valentines!