Thursday, March 25, 2010


Most of you know that David has been looking for an engineering job for, like, EVER. We are so excited that on Tuesday he has a job interview in Ames, Iowa. That's about 50 minutes from my parent's house. As you can imagine, this is a huge deal for us, and we are anxious, nervous, excited, and at least for me, just want to get it done! So please keep your fingers crossed and your prayers going for us!

Since I've known about the interview, I keep comparing how I felt leaving Utah to move to Indiana, to how I would feel leaving Indiana and moving to Iowa. I was so done with Utah at the time we left. I was sad to leave a few good friends, and a close temple, but that was about it. I really had no sadness in moving away from what we had known for our whole married life. Compare that to now, when I think of moving away from our home for only the last year and a half, and I get major butterflies and heart palpitations! Even though our little family has gone through some difficult times in Indiana, I have absolutely loved it here. We have made some amazing friends that I hope will last a lifetime. If this job happens not to be the one for David, knowing that we get to stay in Indiana for a little while longer will be a great comfort. But for a job, wouldn't close to family be the ideal?

I've been in Iowa since Sunday, helping out my sisters while my parents are in New Jersey. They should get home tonight, and David will join us in a couple of days for the interview, and to take us back home. Molly and I have had fun together the last few days, though I think it's safe to say we are both getting a little sick of each other. My sisters are busy with school and sports and stuff, so we don't see them much. Today is my youngest sister's birthday (15!) so hopefully we'll be able to do some fun birthday celebrations once everyone gets back home. So anyway, that's what we've been up to the last week.

Wow, it's a little weird for me to make a post that is a little on the personal side, without a Molly story or too and some pictures. I hope I won't regret this in a day or two...!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

All About the Hair

Because Molly's hair is fine, yet curly, she will usually wake up with some pretty crazy bed-head. One of the first things we do in the morning is hair, just to get it out of her eyes and under control. This morning, she woke up with the most gorgeous curls, so we for-went the usual ponytails, and I just pulled it up in the front. Not a style we usually go for, but I didn't have to do a thing to it, and it looked so cute.In a similar topic, I finally figured out how I wanted to store Molly's bows that I've been making. So far she doesn't have too many, so we only need the "M", but as I make more, (and there will be more!), I can add letters for her name. I think it's pretty cute, and adds some decoration to Molly's fairly bare walls in her room.

I've been meaning to record this for some time, so this is a totally different topic. We've been trying to teach Molly to say "Please" and ask nicely for things, instead of just saying "I need..." or "I want..." She's getting good at saying please without being reminded, and now we've moved on to saying "May I..." A conversation will usually go something like this:

Molly: "I want some milk."
Me: "How do you ask nicely?"
Molly: "Please, I want some milk."
Me: "Please, MAY I HAVE some milk."
Molly: "Please, may I want some milk?"

Oh, well, it's progress.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Feelin' Crafty

Today I learned a new craft. Hair bows. Poor Molly hasn't really had any cute bows for her hair; we usually just use the colored ponies. My wonderful, crafty, generous, all-knowing friend Ann (she encouraged me to say that!) lent me her expertise on getting some great accessories for bows, then showed me how to make them. I will have to admit, I might be a little obsessed. Molly is going to be the most ribboned out girl around! Thanks, Ann, for being such a great teacher!

Feelin' Pretty

Earlier this week, Tracy and her girls stopped by to play for a while. It was fun to have them over again! Molly received a tote bag of hair styling tools (play, of course) for Christmas, and that seemed to be a hit among the girls for most of the time they were here. Tracy let down her hair and was a great sport about letting the girls beautify her. They brushed, blow dried, and curled her hair to perfection!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham

Every now and then I do something fun and feel like a "cool" mom. Lately Molly's favorite game to play on the computer is Green Eggs and Ham. I randomly asked her one day if she wanted to eat some green eggs and ham, and she immediately agreed that would be a great idea. So on Sunday, we made green eggs with ham. I'm sure this is not something new, that plenty of people have done this before, but for just a moment, I felt like a cool Mom. Molly was all excited about the whole thing, until she got a glimpse of the green eggs. She immediately said "I don't like green eggs and ham, Mom, I don't want them." We told her she at least had to try them. She took one bite, said "oh, I LIKE green eggs and ham" and began to dig in with earnest. Didn't she learn anything from the book?This morning I asked Molly if she wanted to try green eggs again, but she said no. Then she asked for pink eggs. We didn't eat pink eggs for breakfast.