Thursday, March 11, 2010

All About the Hair

Because Molly's hair is fine, yet curly, she will usually wake up with some pretty crazy bed-head. One of the first things we do in the morning is hair, just to get it out of her eyes and under control. This morning, she woke up with the most gorgeous curls, so we for-went the usual ponytails, and I just pulled it up in the front. Not a style we usually go for, but I didn't have to do a thing to it, and it looked so cute.In a similar topic, I finally figured out how I wanted to store Molly's bows that I've been making. So far she doesn't have too many, so we only need the "M", but as I make more, (and there will be more!), I can add letters for her name. I think it's pretty cute, and adds some decoration to Molly's fairly bare walls in her room.

I've been meaning to record this for some time, so this is a totally different topic. We've been trying to teach Molly to say "Please" and ask nicely for things, instead of just saying "I need..." or "I want..." She's getting good at saying please without being reminded, and now we've moved on to saying "May I..." A conversation will usually go something like this:

Molly: "I want some milk."
Me: "How do you ask nicely?"
Molly: "Please, I want some milk."
Me: "Please, MAY I HAVE some milk."
Molly: "Please, may I want some milk?"

Oh, well, it's progress.

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Jessica said...

I loved her hair today! It looked so pretty. She is so cute and funny!