Thursday, March 4, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham

Every now and then I do something fun and feel like a "cool" mom. Lately Molly's favorite game to play on the computer is Green Eggs and Ham. I randomly asked her one day if she wanted to eat some green eggs and ham, and she immediately agreed that would be a great idea. So on Sunday, we made green eggs with ham. I'm sure this is not something new, that plenty of people have done this before, but for just a moment, I felt like a cool Mom. Molly was all excited about the whole thing, until she got a glimpse of the green eggs. She immediately said "I don't like green eggs and ham, Mom, I don't want them." We told her she at least had to try them. She took one bite, said "oh, I LIKE green eggs and ham" and began to dig in with earnest. Didn't she learn anything from the book?This morning I asked Molly if she wanted to try green eggs again, but she said no. Then she asked for pink eggs. We didn't eat pink eggs for breakfast.


Tracy said...

you are a cool mom! That is too funny that she didn't want to eat it as soon as she looked at it. But I think my kids would do the same thing.

Jessica said...

How fun! I don't think Evan would've touched them... haha :) You are such a cool mom!