Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We hope everyone can enjoy celebrating the resurrection of our Savior on this beautiful April morning.
Last week we were at my parent's house, so we went to their ward on Sunday for church. Molly learned about the resurrection in Nursery. In the car on the way home, I asked Molly what she had learned, and she explained to me how Jesus lived in a cave for 3 months, and then he was alive again! I'm pretty sure that's not exactly what was taught, but I thought it was cute. We've been working on correcting that notion this week.

We've been doing our little Easter celebrations the last couple of days. On Friday we colored Easter eggs. Molly took it very seriously. We used the little Q-tip looking ink things that Grammy sent in her Easter package. It's the first time we've really taken the time to color Easter eggs since Molly was born. We're excited to use those eggs for our Easter dinner tonight...Deviled eggs, Mmmmm.Yesterday before conference, we had a little Easter egg hunt for the kids in our little apartment complex. Though it was pouring rain, they loved getting together and hunting for the eggs outside. Then between the morning and afternoon sessions we had a potluck at a neighbor's house. It was fun to get together.

This morning Molly got to do another Easter egg hunt all by herself. We've collected quite a few eggs over that last couple of years, so to me it seemed like a ton for one little girl to find. She thought it was an absolute blast.

We also hid her Easter her little kitchen. We told her while she was looking for eggs to keep an eye out for it. She opened the door to the fridge on her kitchen, took a little gasp, and got very excited. We put some bunny ears in the basket, and that's the first thing she put on. The second was the watch that we got her at the zoo last week in Iowa. She's been asking for a watch forever, so we found a cute one, and figured the Easter basket was a great place to have it. She immediately eyed it and said, "My watch!" like she knew it was coming or something.

We're looking forward to another relaxing day watching General Conference, enjoying a nice Easter dinner of ham (my first one EVER!), roasted asparagus, mashed potatoes, rolls, and deviled eggs. Hope you enjoy the rest or your day, and eat just as well!


Bart and Krista said...

Wow! You look like you had a wonderful Easter. Your dinner sounds de-lish!

sharon said...

What a cutie Molly is she looks just like an Isaacson. Congrats on the new job hope the move goes well.