Saturday, June 19, 2010

Family Day

David had some long hours at work this week, so we were all excited to spend today together. We first went to Toy Story 3. Molly loves both the other Toy Story movies, so she has been eagerly waiting to go to the 3rd, especially since it would be her second time in a "big fee-ater." We of course had to get some popcorn, and Molly happily snacked during the whole movie. We all agree that it was a very good movie, probably my favorite of the 3. It was a wonderful first family outing to the theater.

After we got home, David and Molly went swimming. I didn't feel like getting in the pool, so I took the opportunity to take some pictures. Molly loves "our" pool. We have a view of it right from our balcony, and she often looks outside to see who's in the pool, or to ask to go swimming. We pretty much make it in any day that is not raining.

Molly's favorite pool accessory is her inner-tube fish. It has offered her amazing amounts of freedom. She does great at swimming all around by herself.
She also jumps off from the edge of the pool in to the water. At first it made me a little nervous, but she's never had a problem. She things it's pretty great. I wasn't quite quick enough in the picture taking, but here she is right after jumping in.
And of course, the pool outing wouldn't be complete without some splashing.

On a different note, we've had some crazy weather the last few days/weeks. Last night, after a particularly stormy day, we saw some pretty cool clouds. David thought they looked a little like mountain peaks.


Buell Fam said...

I love fun family days! Yesterday I was at 7 peaks and saw a lady that kinda looked like you with a little blonde haired girl and I missed our days at 7 peaks together. I'm glad we can still keep in touch through the blogs!

Mindy said...

Molly is so cute!!