Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random Mollyness

So, I've realized that I haven't been very good lately about taking pictures of Molly. I've been more concerned with actually figuring out what to do around here, that when I find something fun, I've forgotten to bring the camera. Or when I do have the camera, I just don't use it. I have been keeping track of some funny Molly things that I need to document, though. But first, here are the few pictures I have of Molly from the last month.

On the Saturday before Memorial Day, we met my parents and two sisters at a local state park for some grilling and fun. It's been a favorite park of our family's for a long time. Molly had a blast with her Grandparents and Aunts, and thought there was lots of fun things to do.

On Memorial Day we decided to take Molly to the parade here in town. Molly was so excited to see a parade again...she's been talking about the 4th of July parade from last year forever. During this parade I realized just what a small town we are living literally lasted 5 minutes, if that. And the closest people there watching the thing were about 50 yards away! There were a couple of cars, 1 fire truck, a small band, and some veterans. I was worried Molly would be a little disappointed, but she got a little American flag and some candy, so she thought it was the greatest thing in the world. Here she is seeing the first people coming around the corner.
Now for some random Molly stories. Molly has always been a little against nick-names. I call her "Molls" every now and then, but other than that, she refuses to be called anything but Molly. If she starts asking me a question, I will often say "Yes, sweetie?" and she is quick to come back with "I am not Sweetie, I'm Molly!" She also often reminds us, even out of the blue, that she is no longer a baby, but a big girl, and that soon she will be a Momma.

Just in the last couple of weeks, Molly is constantly asking us to watch her. Her exact phrase is "Momma, watch how I do." And if we try and get away with saying "That's great, Molly" without really paying attention, she will immediately tell us again to watch her. We really can't get away with anything around her.

Molly has a little tape measure that she likes to play with. She'll go around measuring things or people. Whenever I ask her how long something is, she'll pause and then say "Mmmm, it's 20 months."

There have been a few nights where Molly has a hard time falling asleep. A few nights ago I went in to lay with her to help her relax. I was a little worried that she would like this and think it would be a nightly thing, but I shouldn't have been. Once I lay down she said, "Momma, you have 5 minutes." Apparently I use this tactic with her quite often. After a few minutes she told me that I had zero minutes left and I needed to leave. I didn't think she would be the one kicking me out of her bed!

Lately Molly has loved playing with her Barbies, and watching Barbie movies. But the one thing that drives me crazy is that she insists on her Barbies being naked. As I put some of her toys away at night I will usually dress all her Barbies, but the first thing she does when she pulls them out is take all the clothes off. And this includes her Ken doll. I try not to make a big deal of it, but I have mentioned to her that maybe we should keep her dolls dressed, but she responds that she likes them better naked. Should I be worried?

Since we're getting close to finding out the sex of our baby, we've been asking Molly whether she would like a baby sister or a baby brother. She insists that she wants a sister, every single time. A little while ago David reminded her about her friends back in Indiana, and named off their little brothers by name. Molly was excited and said, "Oh, yeah, I remember them! I like those brothers!" We asked her if she would like a little brother herself just like that, and she immediately responded with a "NO!" So then we asked her what she would like to name the baby, and she replied, "Barbie!"


Tracy said...

Those are some great Molly stories. I wouldn't worry too much about the naked barbies. Just keep encouraging her to keep them dressed and maybe on occasion remind her that its a modesty issue.

I can't blame Molly for wanting a baby sister! Sisters are so much fun. But hopefully she'll be okay if she does get a little brother. My girls keep insisting that its a boy we're having, I hope they aren't too dissapointed if its a girl!

I miss you like crazy! And I'm really sorry that we didn't make a stop on our way through Des Moines. It was our last day of driving and we just were sick of that car and the road and.... Iowa. :) I really thought I'd be more up for a stop to visit you when we drove out.

Danielle and Derrick said...

For Molly's sake, I hope it's a girl :)