Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Molly Quote

I mentioned in our last post about Molly being able to make us laugh even through difficult times.  One such example:

Molly has been obsessed with playing with my hair lately, especially on those rare occasions when it's straight, or when it's wet before I pull it back in the all-too-common messy bun.  The other morning I mentioned to her "Molly, I know what you need for Christmas.  One of those heads with lots of hair."  Her response: "But Momma, I already have a head with lots of hair!"

Friday, September 10, 2010

Thank You...and an Update

Well, we thought it was about time we got back to our blog, but it would feel weird for me to just start randomly posting without addressing what our little family has been through the last month and 1/2.  Many of you are aware, but for those few who have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the story.

On July 20th, David was on a business trip in Texas and had a major accident.  He fell 15 stories at his hotel, and suffered major injuries.  To this day, we are not sure what happened, and we probably never will.  There has been much speculation on everyone's part, but David remembers nothing from that day, and probably never will, and there were no witnesses to the event, so that's pretty much all we can do, is speculate.  Once I heard the news, I flew that afternoon straight to Texas and met up with David's parents.  David was in the ICU in critical condition, so of course we really had no idea what we would find when we got there...you pretty much expect the worst from that type of accident.  Here's the low down of the injuries sustained and the current condition:

1.  pelvis fractures, front and back...those are healing on their own.
2.  right acetabular fracture (hip fracture)...this he had surgery on 2 days after the accident.  They fixed it with a metal plate and screws.  He is non-weight bearing on his right leg, probably for another 4 weeks or so.
3.  right ortibal floor-wall fracture...basically means his right eye-socket had a blow-out fracture.  This is healing on it's own, they don't need to do surgery on it.  He received stitches around his right eye, but his actual eye is almost completely fine.  They discovered some scaring on his retina, but it doesn't impede his vision.
4.  right scapular fracture...basically a hairline fracture on the back of his right shoulder.  This has given him some problems, and his right arm/hand are still weak, but there has been huge improvement.
5.  12 cracked/broken ribs...amazingly enough, this causes him little pain, except for when he yawns. 
6.  both lungs collapsed once he got to the hospital, so he had two tubes into his lungs for a few days.  He ended up getting a pulmonary embolism and is currently on blood thinners, but they expect he should be able to get off those within 6 months.
7.  traumatic brain injury...considering the length of the fall, this has been healing incredibly quickly.  He still has trouble sometimes remembering correct words, or mixes words up, and has trouble following deep conversation.  He had a CT scan of his brain just this week, and the healing is almost complete.  In another couple of weeks, we have an appointment with a neuropsychologist to evaluate the cognitive recovery of the brain injury.

There were a couple more, but those are pretty much the major ones.  David spent 4 weeks in Texas in the hospital and rehab center.  I spent the whole 4 weeks with him, and Molly stayed here in Iowa with my parents.  David was then transferred to a rehab center in Des Moines, but was doing so well that he only stayed for 3 and 1/2 days.  He currently is home and gets around on crutches because he can't bear weight on his right leg, but the recovery has been speedy and the doctors say it will be complete.  We have numerous Dr. appointments every week, along with with physical and occupational therapy, and speech therapy will most likely be starting soon as well. 

So, now for the Thank You.  We wanted to let everyone know who has been praying and fasting for us how much we appreciate it.  Our testimonies of prayer have been strengthened 10 fold...we have seen miracles happen that we contribute solely to the prayers that have been offered in our behalf.  We have also received so many calls, cards, emails, flowers, and thoughts sent our way.  They have meant so much to us in this trying time.  We know the Lord has blessed us beyond measure.  Of course the trial is not over, there are many un-knowns in the near future, but we can't not acknowledge that the Lord is looking out for us.  Every doctor, therapist, family member and friend that has heard David's story has to acknowledge that there is a higher power at play here.  We can only call it as a miracle, and we continue to count our blessings.

As for me...I'm still kicking.  And so is this baby!  There was some concern while I was in Texas how the stress of the situation would affect the pregnancy and this sweet baby I'm carrying, but all is well.  I have to be careful of what I do around here, I'm in charge of a lot that I wouldn't otherwise have to do, and that's sometimes hard for me.  I'm completely exhausted most of time, but again I know the Lord is strengthening me to carry the burdens I have to carry.  The baby is growing fine, and she is very active.  I'm grateful she's so keen on making sure I know she's still in there...it definitely eases my worries about her.  I'm 29 weeks...and 40 is quickly approaching!  The whole first part of the pregnancy I was completely excited for the day this baby would arrive, but now I'm just content to let these last weeks play out.  Hopefully our little family will be somewhat back to normal by the time she comes. 

As for Molly...she has been such a trooper.  That month that I was away from her was complete torture.  I had never been away from her for more that 24 hours, and I missed her so much.  And once David started remembering her while he was in the hospital, he missed her like crazy too.  I'm so grateful that I have such a wonderful family that just took her in on the moment's notice.  It eased my mind knowing that she was at least happy and healthy, and living the high life with her Grandma and Grandpa and 2 aunts.  The hardest part right now for her is not completely understanding why Daddy can't run after her and get down on the floor to play games with her like he used to.  She likes to remind us that "Daddy is slow, and I'm fast!"  I'm sure she'll appreciate the day, as we all will, when David can get rid of the crutches and be a little more back to normal.  She continues to be a bright spot for us.  Even through the hardest of times, she can make us laugh.  I don't know what I would do without my sweet precious Molly. 

Well, if you're still reading by this point, that's basically what's been going on with us lately.  Thanks again for everyone who has wished us well.  We are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.