Thursday, October 7, 2010

32 1/2 weeks

This is for a very persistent friend (you know who you are!)  Since she came through and posted a pregnancy pic on her blog (you look so cute, btw) I figured I should keep up my end of the bargain. 

At this point I feel like I'm as big as I was when I delivered Molly, though I've only gained 1/3 of the weight.  I feel achy and tired, but who doesn't at this point in pregnancy?  We had our second ultrasound on Tuesday, and the spot they found on the baby's heart in the first one has completely disappeared, so there are no current indicators of down syndrome.  Baby is still active and healthy, so we are very grateful.

Molly of course had to get in on the picture taking action.


Jessica said...

Kim you look great!! I am excited for you and your family :)

Tracy said...

You look so stinkin' fabulous! Wish I had been looking that good. Hang in there!