Monday, October 4, 2010

Apple Orchard

Today Molly and I joined our friends on a trip to a local apple orchard and pumpkin patch.  Since David's on crutches, we figured we should check it out first before having him attempt the trip.  It was so fun, once David is off the crutches we will definitely be making a trip back.  They had so many fun things to do, we didn't even get to all of it today.  I took pictures of course, but again, they aren't the greatest.  Oh, the dreams for a nicer camera!  Also, I've noticed lately that Molly will very rarely look at the camera...her head will be turned toward me, but she's always looking off in another direction.  It's driving me crazy!  Oh, well, I guess for a three year old, I'm lucky she'll at least stand still for me...for the most part.

I know the glare on this is pretty horrible, but it's the best picture I got that showed how awesome this "corn pool" was.  I've never seen so much corn like this before!  This kids had a blast playing in it, I think it was one of the favorite activities.

Molly showing off the corn.

I'm so glad we actually got a picture of all the kids together.  There's Molly, then Isaac and Sidney, who are twins and turned 4 in May, then little Addi in the back.  She's about a year and 1/2.  These are some of our most favorite people here in Iowa!  Molly loves doing everything with them.

Riding the pedal-pushers.

There was a little section of the place that had a nursery rhyme theme.  They had a ton of these little rhymes with the look-through windows.  (I got a picture of the pumpkin one since it was a pumpkin patch!)

This was the wood house from "The Three Little Pigs."  They also had the straw and brick houses.  Too cute!  The kids had a blast going in and out of all three of them.  

We can't wait to go back with David and do some of the other things we didn't get to today.  We would love to pick some Golden Delicious apples and some pumpkins, go on the hay ride, go through the corn maze, go down the gigantic slide again (didn't get any pics of that one), and jump on the giant pillow.  We're keeping our fingers crossed that at David's orthopedic appointment on Thursday we'll hear some good news about the progress of his hip, and hopefully he'll either be off his crutches, or able to at least put some more weight on his leg, if not all.  We'll keep you updated.


elizabeth pence said...

Cute cute cute! I love the picture of her showing off her corn :)!

Tracy said...

What a fun place! Molly is looking so tall, and one of the pictures from another post shows how much her hair has grown-- such beautiful blond curls!

All that talk about your cooking made me salivate-- oh why must you live so far away, so that I am not able to enjoy your delicious recipes?! :)

I hope David is off his crutches soon! Love you!