Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big Sister Class

Tonight Molly had a big sister class at the hospital where we'll be having the baby.  Last week, when I asked Molly if that was something that she wanted to do, she immediately became excited, and insisted that we go right then.  Every day since we've heard non-stop when her class was going to be.  Needless to say, she's been pretty excited about it.  It was so fun!  What a great way to make the sibling feel special and helpful for the new baby.
The first thing the kids did was color a paper bib with crayons.  Once they finished, the teachers ironed the coloring onto a cloth bib for the baby.  So cute!  Molly thought it was great.
The teacher demonstrating the correct way to hold a new baby.
Molly taking her turn.
Learning how to do one of the most important jobs...changing the diaper!
Getting the diaper set up.
Fastening the diaper in place.  What a great helper!  So looking forward to that.
Getting a certificate at the end of the class.  (Side note:  What does it tell you about Molly that once she had the certificate in hand, she rushed over to us and asked "Can I cut that when we get home?"  This girl has an unusual obsession with her scissors.) 
Another fun thing they did that we didn't get pictures of was they took all the kids on a tour of Birthways, which is what they call the labor and delivery floor of the hospital.  They got to see the rooms that the Moms stay in and the nursery for the babies.  David and I stayed behind for that...we'll get our own tour next week.  I just think it's so neat that they do that for the kids.  On the way home Molly was telling us about the rooms and the gowns that the Moms get to wear.  I think we're all getting pretty excited for the arrival of this baby.  5 more weeks!


Tracy said...

What a cute, cute thing to do for big sisters. I wish my girls could have done that. Do you think Molly is going to change a diaper? My girls like to do it sometimes, though I only let them help with the wet diapers. And of course they love to hold Aurora whenever they can.

Molly is going to be such a good big sis!

Kristine N said...

Huh, I wonder if Sylvia picked that up from Molly. She's quite the scissor fiend, too...

hkb said...

That looks like such a fun class! Now she's all ready to be a big sis!! The scissors must be a three year old thing - Aubrey loves cutting things too.