Monday, October 4, 2010

General Conference

I always look forward so much to General Conference, and I especially was excited for this one.  I thought the whole thing was amazing, as usual, but also a much needed spiritual boost.  I used the opportunity to also make some great food...I seem to always get in the mood to cook during conference weekend, and I was definitely feeling like making some yummy food.  On Saturday I made some home-made apple pancakes with cooked apple slices for breakfast, then that evening we had some friends over to eat some pumpkin crisp I had made.  On Sunday we headed to my parent's house and I made some bread-bowls and soup.  I think I'm in love with fall.

 Molly did really well for all the sessions.  We tried to keep her occupied as much as possible so that we could listen.  I was pleasantly surprised with how quiet she was.  One of her favorite activities was getting out her art easel and doing some painting.  I haven't had the guts to do the painting part of it yet, so it was a great first-time activity for her.  I think it lasted almost the entire afternoon session on Saturday.

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