Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween is starting Early!

Today Molly's friends Sidney and Isaac had a little Halloween party at their house.  Molly has been so excited to wear her costume that Grandma got her.  She has been telling everyone that she gets to be Cinderella this year, and she made an adorable Cinderella if I do say so myself.  As we were getting ready for the party, Molly made it clear how important it was that I do her hair EXACTLY like Cinderella has it in all of her pictures.  I tried my best, but Molly doesn't have a whole lot of hair.  I think it ended up adorable anyway, and Molly was pleased, so I guess that's the important part.
All ready for the party! 

We arrived a little early so we could help set up.  Molly seems to be saying in this picture "Come on!  Let's get this party started!"
Molly and her adorable friend Sidney.
Gearing up for the Ghost toss.  Molly needs to work on her aim a little bit.
Trying to figure out the donut eating contest.  It was pretty tricky, but once that donut came off the string, it was gone pretty quick.
The fun cupcake walk.  All the kids were digging the Little People Halloween music.
Devouring the prize of the cupcake walk.
Getting this many kids to stand still after eating who know how much sugar is no small feat.  What a cute little group, though.
It took Molly some time to get in the mood for the silly glasses, but once she saw others getting their pictures taken in them, she wanted too.  

What a fun way to start off the Halloween season!  Thanks, Liz, for throwing such a fun party.  Now Molly keeps asking when she can wear her Cinderella costume next.  She is ready for more partying, and it's a good thing, because we have about 4 or 5 more Halloween related activities lined up.  I'm tired just thinking about it....

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Tracy said...

Molly has to be THE cutest Cinderella I have ever seen, or ever. She is like a little replica of her. You should take her picture and send it to Disneyland, just to show them how much she looks like Cinderella.

Thinking of you!