Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quiet times

Lately Molly has been implementing her three-year-old toddler-ness full force. Either that, or I'm more hormonal and tired because of the pregnancy, so my patience runs a little thin. Either way, we seem to have a battle of wills going on a lot, and try as I might, I feel like I'm on the losing team. It makes me a little worried for when this baby gets here. But for now, we just take it day by day, and hope that we're all alive at the end.

These rough times just make me appreciate those quiet, calm moments that we get every now and then. Molly has been getting into painting lately, so I let her paint her little pumpkin the other day. It's fun to see her get focused and concentrate on something so intently. This girl takes her art work very seriously.

Another time Molly was playing in her room, and I realized that it had been quiet for some time. Molly's not one to be mischievous or get herself into trouble, so I never worry too much about that, but I'm always curious what gets her attention. I found her on her bed with a pile of books. Her position on the bed reminded me of being little and how I would always read. She looked so grown up and cute!

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