Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Little Bit of Nothing

So it seems our lives have slowed down lately for the most part. With the holidays over, there's not a whole lot of note-worthy going on right now. Life still is busy, but not too exciting. I think we're just trying to survive the winter and keep our hopes up that spring is at least thinking of coming. A couple of weeks ago it looked like this:Then it warmed up and melted, and then the other day we got another couple of inches. Though I hate to admit it, I think it will like this for at least a few more months. Sigh...

This is for my Mom and Dad. For Christmas they gave Molly a couple awesome new pieces for her train set, and they've been great to build some new tracks. I couldn't really tell who was having more fun, Molly or David. I'm glad David loves to play on the floor with Molly with her toys. That's something I have a hard time doing myself. Anyway, this is what they came up with together:Molly had a blast with that for a while, then we had a couple of Molly's friends come play, and Benjamin (3) didn't leave the trains the whole 2 hours they were here. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Molly is still happy and healthy. She's been doing a little better lately at playing creatively on her own, and it has been wonderful. But her shyness has been returning, and that hasn't been quite so fun. David subbed in nursery a few weeks ago, and it seems like ever since then, Molly hates big groups, or being with other people. If either David and I are around, she is very clingy, and she has cried thinking of going to nursery or her joy school and being left. Once she's there she ends up doing fine, but it's been throwing us for a loop that last couple of weeks. I'm hoping this is only a phase.

A couple of weeks ago we had the Missionaries over for dinner. Near the end, Molly was getting a little restless and distracting, so we had her go play upstairs on her own for a while. When it was time for the Missionaries to leave, David went to get her, and found her in the bathroom, standing on the toilet seat, holding the Fe-breeze. She had sprayed and saturated our whole counter until it was dripping on to the floor. Needless to say, the Fe-breeze is now in the garbage, and the smell is finally gone. I'm grateful that for the most part, Molly doesn't get into too much mischief.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Making Music

I love to read, and I love music. As a mother, I hope that my children include among their interests a love for books and music. Molly has already established that she loves to read...we keep 3 of our local libraries in business with all of the books we check out and read with her. She has also been demonstrating her love for music lately. One of the things we do together is sit at the piano, and she will flip through the Children's Songbook, and we will play and sing the songs together. Yesterday I heard Molly singing I Am A Child of God while plunking the keys, and she was nice enough to do it for me again once I pulled out the video camera.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Are You My Child?

I tell the following story, not to incur the wrath of every mother I know, but out of pure shock. Tonight after dinner, around 6 o'clock, Molly mentioned to me that it was getting dark outside. I replied she was right, and that meant that it was getting close to her bedtime. We usually don't start getting ready for bed until around 7, but Molly thought about it for a minute after I mentioned that, then said, "Momma, I'm ready for bed now. Let's take a bath!" I thought she was just kidding and told her she didn't need to take a bath right then, she could keep playing if she wanted to, but she proceeded to break down into tears and insist that it was time for bed. I finally agreed, figuring that after her bath she would realize what she was volunteering for, and thinking she would be willing to wait. Once her bath was done, I again told her she didn't need to go to bed yet, so she could play in her play room for a while. After about 15 minutes, she came back to me and said "Momma, I'm ready to get in bed now." After I picked myself up off the floor, and made sure she understood that even though she was going to bed early, she wasn't allowed to get out of bed once she was in, we proceeded with prayers, scriptures, and reading books. She was in bed with lights out by 7 o'clock, completely by her choice, and I haven't heard a peep. Now, Molly has never been one to fight going to bed, at least not terribly, but neither has she asked for bed. Am I lucky enough to have a child that can recognize she's tired enough for bed? I'm appreciating it now, but I hope I won't be paying for it early in the morning!

Quick Christmas Update

This year was the first year since David and I were married that we had Christmas at our own house. We were a little sad about it at first, but as it got closer, it was so much fun coming up with our own traditions and having just us. It was so great. We missed family a ton, but we still had lots of fun.

We started with one of my families traditions of making sugar cookies and decorating them on Christmas Eve. I will admit this was the first time I had ever made sugar cookies (gasp!). But they turned out really well, and the best part was just decorating them. Molly had a lot of fun with that.
Here she is getting ready:And here are the beginnings of our masterpieces.
We then had a great spread for Christmas Eve dinner. We were eating the leftovers up until we left for Iowa for New Years!Molly thought Christmas was magical, in the way only a two and 1/2 year old can. She got a fun kitchen from "Santa" and for a couple weeks after Christmas, couldn't stop telling everyone about it. Grandparents, friends, teachers, even cashiers at the grocery store, she would lean in and quietly say to them "Santa brought me a kitchen for Christmas. It's pink, and it's mine."

Molly opening stocking gifts...
And playing with her new kitchen.

We were able to go to Iowa for New Years, and it was fun to have a second Christmas with my family there. It was sad to come home, but we're adjusting back to life now, just with more stuff!