Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Future Olympian

I don't know where she first heard of it, but for a few months Molly has been asking to go ice skating. And I'm not just talking about a fleeting fancy of thought, I'm talking about multiple times a day asking if we can go ice skating NOW! We kept putting it off, but ever since the Olympics started, and she's caught snippets of the various speed skating and figure skating events, the insistence has increased. We finally just shelled out the big bucks and chalked it up to a good experience. And it was a blast!
Where's Molly?
There she is!
In town our only ice rink is TINY and outdoors. It was pretty busy, but I think Molly was in absolute heaven. She started out with the actual ice skates, but we ended up switching to ones that hooked right on to her own boots, and she seemed to do even better with those. We think that part of the reason Molly was loving it so much is because it was a challenge. She seemed very focused the whole time. She held our hands for most of it, but near the end she actually let go and was doing fine. We didn't think we would last for too long, but ended up staying for an hour and 1/2.Our camera died before we were able to catch any pics with me helping Molly (oh, darn!), but we had just enough time to catch the Zamboni. David's family are big hockey fans, so the Zamboni is a pretty big deal. Molly thought it was quite fascinating as well.
Funnily enough, now that we have conquered ice skating, Molly is asking to go roller skating. I think we'll be waiting a few months.

Monday, February 22, 2010

That's My Girl

As most people who know Molly well are already aware, she hates to be icky or sticky or have anything on her hands. She used to love to use glue sticks, until she realized that they can make her hands sticky, so she won't go near them now. She goes through 3 or more napkins during a messy dinner because she refuses to re-use a napkin that looks dirty. She goes into hysterics that include major hand waving when she gets something on her hand that takes more than a little rubbing to get off. And most recently, she has refused to eat apples, one of her favorite foods, because she doesn't like the stickiness (and yes, we've tried to tell her that she can just wash her hands once she's done...does not work). She's choked numerous times on the apple skins, so we usually just peel the skin off for her, and we recently came up with this method so that she can now enjoy eating apples again:(Please excuse the crazy hair and pajamas, Molly was up sick the night before this picture, so that day was a pajama day!)

Molly Quote:
Molly: "Momma, what are those dots?" (as she points in mid-air)
Me: "That's called dust."
Molly: "Uh-oh, I better get my dust-pan!"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wonderful Friends

I have great friends that I LOVE living close to. Some of them dropped by tonight to sing me Happy Birthday, and light some candles on a cake my friend Ann made. (It's just her way of making sure that I'm at her house bright and early on Monday morning to work out...all these extra calories I need to burn!) Thanks so much for thinking of me!

After they had left, David exclaimed, "Cake number 2!" Molly replied, "It's for me!" She then proceeded to ask for a candle, which I handed her one (unlit, of course). A moment later, she handed it back, half chewed, and said, "I don't like this very much, I don't want it." Note to self, don't try to eat the birthday candles.

Happy Birthday to ME!

For the last few months, since I've discovered bread making, all I've wanted for my birthday was a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I've been going back and forth between a couple of them, so finally I decided to make a trip into a local kitchen supply store, and see if they could give me any insight. Well, they ended up talking me into a Cuisinart. I feel like such a rebel! But I'm so excited, and I think it's beautiful! I was able to pay for the whole thing with all my birthday money, so thanks to everyone who contributed to my new baby!We've already put it to good use. Today we made one of my family's traditions for birthdays: German Chocolate Cake. I was even able to use the new bundt pan that my Mom sent to me. Can't wait to dig into that! (if you're curious about the recipe, go HERE.)This morning David made me a wonderful breakfast, and then this afternoon he built me a new shelf in our laundry "closet" so that I could store my mixer off the counter. Thanks to wonderful neighbors who offered to watch Molly, we'll be going out to eat in an hour or so (Olive Garden, here we come!) I have to say, this has been a great birthday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Party

Today Molly and her school friends had a Valentine's party at our place. It was a lot of fun to get together, exchange some valentines, play some games, and eat some sugar! Molly's Grammy sent a package with some heart shaped cupcake tins and the mix, so I whipped those up last night to share with everyone today. They were so cute!We also made the valentines that we handed out. I think they turned out pretty adorable, if my non-crafty self says so. Molly had fun at least while we were making them.I took a couple of pictures of the party, but they turned out terrible. But I did catch a couple of Molly after the parting devouring her heart shaped cupcake!
PS: For some really amazing pictures (Jessica is much better at taking photos than I am) visit her blog HERE. (I hope you don't mind, Jessica)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dress-up and Computer

This seems to be a pretty typical day around our house...Molly in her Princess dress-up shoes (or even a Princess dress), hammering away with her tools. It never ceases to crack me up. Molly's dress-up collection is a pretty big hit when friends come over. Her friends Ben and Ehre came to play for a while today, and all 3 looked so cute in their outfits that I had to get a picture. (Thanks, Ann, for not freaking out about me posting a picture of your son wearing dress-ups!)

Ben and Molly:
Ehre and Molly

Recently Molly figured out how to work the mouse to the computer. It's amazing how out of nowhere some of these things catch on. It was just like one day she suddenly knows how to do it, without us even teaching her. It's been a lot of fun for her to be able to do her own games now. But I still think it looks a little odd to see this tiny little thing sitting by herself at the computer. I guess my baby is growing up...sigh.

Friday, February 5, 2010

More Molly Quote

Molly: "I have to poop!"
David: "Then go poop."
Molly: "Not now. Tomorrow!"

This kid cracks us up.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Molly Quote

Last night, David was putting Molly to bed. As she was getting dressed after her bath, she grabbed a pair of her Tinkerbell panties. She hiked them up as high as they could go, then exclaimed, "Look! I have a Tinker-belly!" We don't know for sure if she actually meant to be funny, but no matter. I think it's hilarious.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monkey Joe's

There's a popular new place in town these days called Monkey Joe's, and last week we finally got around to seeing what all the fuss is about. It was actually so much fun. Molly has been so cooped up lately with the cold weather, that she had a blast just running around, jumping and sliding and pretty much doing whatever she wanted in a place much bigger than our apartment. Inside Monkey Joe's are a bunch of those inflatable play/jump house things, and even David and I were able to "assist" Molly on some of the more difficult slides and mazes. About half way through our time there, we had Molly's friends Amy and Adelynne show up. It was so cute seeing them go down one of the big slides together. (Please excuse the quality of the pics)...

David and Molly on the slide
Molly on the slide, once she figured she was brave enough to do it herself.
Making the hike back up (we spent a LOT of time on this one slide)
Making the hike up with Amy and Adelynne
There they go!