Thursday, January 20, 2011

Smarty Pants

Molly's newest obsession is writing. She loves to get out her pencil and a piece of scratch paper, then ask us how to write random words. She has done this so much that she pretty much knows how to write all of her letters now. She can also write Molly, Emma, Momma, and Daddy all on her own without asking for spelling. Though sometimes it drives me crazy spelling words to her all day long, I'm so grateful that she loves to learn. It makes teaching her so much easier.

A week or so ago she asked to write on her dry-erase board. Instead of random words, we decided to write a little bit about her. Here's what she came up with...and she wrote the whole thing by herself. She just had to ask me for the letters. Way to go, Molly!
Please excuse the messy hair...we hadn't gotten around to doing it yet that day.
Molly has also started a gymnastics class. She is in heaven! Today was her second day. David took her, and this is the conversation they had when she was done. (It's like pulling teeth trying to get any information from this girl...which is ironic, because it seems like she never stops talking...)

David: So what did you do in your gymnastics class?
Molly: I don't know.
David: Did you run around?
Molly: No.
David: Did you jump up and down?
Molly: Nope.
David: Did you have fun?
Molly: YEAH!!!


Tracy said...

She is a CUTE smarty pants, and I love her unruly hair. You don't have to be perfect every day! :)

Jessica said...

Wow! Smart girl :) Evan also loves to write... but usually it is just his name. Molly is so cute, and I love her hair ;) Conversations go that way with Evan as well when we try to talk to him about primary!

The collages I made on my blog were done in photoshop. If you use photoshop I can give you the link to where I bought them... they are so much fun!

Heather Buell said...

That is seriously impressive!