Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Emma: 3 Months

Apparently we aren't doing much around here.  I haven't had much to blog about.  There's only so many pictures of an infant in a bouncer people want to see before it gets boring.  But oh-well.  Emma is 3 months old today, so lots of pictures of an infant in a bouncer is what you get!  Here's the last month in our house:

Emma's favorite pastime #1: The Bath
Emma is a huge fan of bath time.  David's nickname for her these days is little fishy.  She gives the best smiles during bath time.  She's also thrown her best fits the second she's pulled out. 
Emma's favorite pastime #2: Big Sister Molly
Emma is getting to the point where she loves to watch people, and one of her favorite people to watch is Molly.  You can just see the wheels spinning in her head trying to figure out what that big girl is doing, and wondering when she'll be doing that too.  I can tell Emma is going to adore her big sister.  I hope Molly always adores her back!
Emma's been sleeping in our room in a bassinet, but we recently got the big crib set up in Molly's room.  I keep stalling the night we put her in it to sleep, but it's great for naps or playtime.  Emma gets a big kick out of the little mirror attached to the side.
Emma's favorite pastime #3: Her Hands
Emma loves sucking on her hands.  We often find her chomping down on them, or sucking on them in the middle of night.  It's pretty funny too when she studies them and she goes cross-eyed.  Too cute.
Emma spends a lot of time in her bouncer...she just loves it, so why mess with a good thing, right?  Sometimes Molly thinks she gets a little lonely, so she'll kindly share a few of her stuffed animals.
Emma's favorite pastime #4: Blowing Bubbles
We get the funniest expressions from Emma when she starts blowing her bubbles.  I think it's the cutest thing ever.
Just because she's so cute:
One thing we did do recently is get together with some of Molly's best friends Sidney and Isaac and make valentines. And I actually took a picture!
Emma's favorite pastime #5: Sleeping
Emma is a pretty decent sleeper, and I'm so grateful.  There's still room for improvement, but I really can't complain.  She'll usually go from about 9/10 pm to 3/4 am, then go right back asleep until about 6/7 am.  David gets up pretty early for work, so once he's gone, if Emma wakes up I usually end up putting her in bed with me while I try and catch a little more sleep.
 And again, just because she's cute:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Stink

Molly has been showing evidence lately that she has my keen sense of smell.  Take tonight for instance.  This conversation took place with David right after her bath:

Molly: sniff sniff "I smell something.  Do I smell my bum?
David: "Why, did you toot?"
Molly: "No."
David: "Well, you just got out of the bath, so you should smell clean."
Molly: "Daddy, you stink."