Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday reflecting on the resurrection and atoning sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ. We are so grateful for the knowledge that we have that our Savior lives! We had a wonderful day celebrating Easter with family, and of course enjoying the spoils from the Easter Bunny!

Our celebration started on Friday when we got together with our awesome friends and decorated Easter eggs.
Molly and Sidney...the inseparables.
So much concentration...
Emma was pretty cute and content in her seat just watching the action.
On Saturday we decorated sugar cookies, an activity which seems to becoming a holiday tradition for Molly.
Last night the Easter Bunny visited and delivered a basket and eggs for Molly. Emma has no clue what's going on and has enough fun just watching Molly go crazy, so she didn't miss out on a whole lot. This morning Molly went in search of her hidden eggs and basket.
Finding the eggs.
Phew...basket found!
Once again, Emma was content just watching the action from Daddy's lap.

After all the excitement, we wound down and got ready for church. The girls looked so adorable in their dresses today.

In a slightly different topic, Emma is five months old as of Friday. I just can't believe it. I feel like I probably say this every time I talk about her, but she is an absolute delight. She has the most adorable and infectious smile, we can't get enough of it. She is happy and content most of the time, and pretty much her favorite thing to do these days is just lie on the floor, and the more action she can watch, the better. She doesn't seem all that concerned with rolling over. Sometimes she'll role from her back to her front, but then she gets stuck and won't (I say won't because she know how) roll back over. I know, weird...usually it's the other way around. Her other new love is her Jumperoo. Molly never liked the Jumperoo, so it's fun to watch Emma get such a kick out of it. Emma has made the transition from breast feeding to formula, and pretty soon we'll be starting solids. She'll usually sleep 8 hours straight at night, and that has been wonderful. She loves her crib, and we can lie her right down, wide awake, and she'll fall right asleep for naps and bedtime. She doesn't like to be held while sleeping. This makes me sad at times, but I do enjoy the fact I can just lay her in her crib and she won't fuss. She's a great baby!


sharon said...

Looks like you guys rocked Easter! Your Girls are adorable love the Easter outfits.

mare said...

hey kim! got your link from chelsea's-- and thought i'd take a peek-- your girls are so adorable. emma's blue eyes are about the best thing ever.